Obama the Auto Industry Dictator

obama-crownObama the Pompous, US Dictator-in-Chief, has done it again.

King Obama proves his contempt for businesses on the heels of firing the CEO of General Motors a few days ago.

Now is he dictating  to General Motors what kind of vehicles he will and will not allow them to build and sell.

If I were on the Board of Directors of either Chrysler or General Motors I would opt for immediate bankruptcy and get Obama and the UAW both the hell off the back of my company once and for all or just go out of business and let Obama go into the vehicle manufacturing business since Obama thinks he can do a better job.

The economic credit crunch combined with $4 a gallon gasoline wacked the auto business.

Following is a news release detailing what is transpiring in the King’s Chamber  of the Obama Palace in Washington, District of Obama.

Obama takes step over the line that separates government from private industry

His automaker bailout plan wades into ‘industrial policy,’ in which government officials, not business executives or the free market, decide what products a firm makes and how it charts its future.
Washington Times
By Peter Wallsten and Jim Tankersley
March 31, 2009
Reporting from Washington — President Obama’s plan to save failing U.S. automakers — and make them the instruments for creating a cleaner, greener transportation system — marked a major step across the line that traditionally separates government from private industry.

His announcement Monday of a new position on bailing out Detroit went beyond a desire to be sure tax dollars were not wasted in bailing out struggling companies. It put the Obama administration squarely in the position of adopting a so-called industrial policy, in which government officials, not business executives or the free market, decided what kinds of products a company would make and how it would chart its future.

His automotive task force concluded, for example, that the Chevy Volt, the electric car being developed by General Motors Corp., would be too expensive to survive in the marketplace. It declared that GM was still relying too much on high-margin trucks and SUVs, and that Chrysler’s best hope was to merge with a foreign automaker, Fiat.

Judgments like those are usually rendered in corporate boardrooms or announced in quarterly reports. But this time they were coming directly from the White House.

The notion that it was the president, not car company executives, who would pick such a course drew immediate criticism, especially from conservatives.

“When did the president become an expert in strategic corporate management?” said Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee. “The federal government is famous for its mismanagement, yet this administration continues to demonstrate its certainty that Washington always knows best.”

Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, called it a “power grab” that “should send a chill through those who believe in free enterprise.”

And Rush Limbaugh declared in his daily radio broadcast, “There’s always been a line, ladies and gentlemen, over which no president would cross with respect to the distinction between the public and private sectors. Obama has now crossed that line where there is no limit to government’s destruction of private activity or control over it.”

Rep. Jane Harman (D-Venice) defended the administration, suggesting that Detroit had had its chance. “My feeling is that we were too tolerant for too long and this is the tough medicine the taxpayer wants. And we have to reinvent our auto industry, or it will die.”

Other Obama defenders pointed to historic precedents for intervening in the auto industry.

Obama’s actions are “consistent with the pattern of presidents acting during economic crises,” said Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University and an expert on the presidency. “And it’s absolutely consistent with patterns of presidents intervening to make sure major components of the economy don’t fail.”

With farmers crippled by the Depression, for example, Franklin D. Roosevelt put in place limitations on agricultural production in a bid to boost farm prices. In 1971 Richard Nixon sought to roll back inflation by imposing a freeze on wages and prices. During the Reagan administration, bank regulators ousted 10 members of the board of Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago, the nation’s eighth-largest bank and recipient of a federal bailout.

Nevertheless, the White House was admittedly wading into politically challenging waters Monday. Administration officials sought to downplay the notion of an Obama-led takeover of the auto industry.

“We inherited a really difficult situation, and so in that context are focused on the best options consistent with the president’s goal of supporting the auto industry and being good stewards of taxpayer resources,” said one senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity despite conveying official White House talking points.

The official sought to distance the auto industry assessments from the administration’s environmental agenda, adding that the carmakers were “positioned to lead in helping manufacture the next generation of clean vehicles.”

“The government doesn’t have any interest or capacity to re-engineer these companies,” the official said.

Beyond such denials, the administration’s aim of reshaping the industry in what it considers a better form could be seen in documents released Monday by the White House. They summarized the conclusions of Obama’s auto task force, which has spent weeks consulting with outside analysts and experts assessing the viability of plans submitted last month by GM and Chrysler.

The task force noted, for instance, that GM earns a “disproportionate share of its profits from high-margin trucks and SUVs and is thus vulnerable to energy cost-driven shifts in consumer demand.” Moreover, according to the summary, “absent the successful introduction of a number of new-generation nameplates,” GM is “more vulnerable” to heightened fuel-efficiency standards.

Such heightened mileage standards are being pushed by the Obama administration.

Some participants in the deliberations, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of White House restrictions on allowing people to speak freely, said the task force operated from an underlying belief that consumers would ultimately be attracted to more fuel-efficient cars despite current data showing many such cars languishing on dealer lots.

“Philosophically they blame these companies for not having produced enough responsible small vehicles,” said Dan Luria, research director at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, a consulting firm for automaker suppliers. “But they don’t deal with the fact that the companies would have been insolvent years earlier if they had done that.

“As bad as the management of these companies has been, it’s dwarfed by the complete lack of courage in U.S. energy policy, which is what created the problem in the first place.”



Times staff writer Peter Nicholas contributed to this report.

article source:



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500 Responses to Obama the Auto Industry Dictator

  1. VotingFemale says:

    What is this idiot going to pull next?
    It’s something new every day.

  2. rosehips says:

    These kind of steps should have been made when the Energy dept was first established. But people wouldn’t have accepted them then, just as they will resist this necessary step now. It’s true the Volt is too expensive. Affordable options need to be available. The days of SUV’s need to be behind us. We need to develop more mass transit and one day eveyone might be thrilled to own a mini-bike to go to the store for groceries. There are some things that are inevitable even if they are difficult to fathom….

  3. rosehips says:

    Sadly, free enterprise is not free and comes at terrible costs. Why should the government have to incur them?

  4. ohiobelle says:

    good afternoon ladies.

    So did the people elect a President or a CEO??
    This isn’t even socialism we are facing; it’s broken socialism!

  5. VotingFemale says:

    Yeah… nationalize all businesses and all property.
    After all the government knows all about everything.

  6. VotingFemale says:

    Hi belle! I have said it before… he is not even good at Socialism.

    ohiobelle says

    good afternoon ladies.

    So did the people elect a President or a CEO??
    This isn’t even socialism we are facing; it’s broken socialism!

  7. ohiobelle says:

    I am trying to figure out which tea party to attend. My friends have actually started mailing invitations to their tea parties. Maybe Hallmark should get involved.

  8. rosehips says:

    we need to cut our dependence on fossil fuels. the auto indusry is too entrenched in yesterday’s technology to change, unless they are compelled to. If they had done so voluntarily, they might not be where they are. I think they should have been left to fail, but it will probably be quicker to take over temporarily.

  9. VotingFemale says:

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  10. rosehips says:

    oh belle, we could do better than hallmark. do you want help?

  11. rosehips says:

    belle, where are the tea parties you are considering?

  12. ohiobelle says:

    What about Countrywide Dodd??? Why hasn’t he been tossed out on his rump??

  13. ohiobelle says:

    rosehips, I’ve only seen 2 so far and one is at a bar in Columbus (I’ll have to check the invite for name) and the other is at my friends house.

  14. ohiobelle says:

    vf, that is funny as hell.

    vf: The inmates are running the asylum.

    Rosehips, maybe I should draft an invite to a tea party and post it on ireports?? hmm…. yes…

  15. ohiobelle says:

    So I guess Barack is going to have to fire $100,000 employees next month because he is their boss now???

  16. rosehips says:

    I think you can really play on the word “tea” and use the letter “T” to emphasize your point.

    T for “Totalatarianism”
    T for “Tax Revolt”
    T for “Tea’d off Taxpayers”

  17. rosehips says:

    yes obama will now become
    T for “The Terminator”

  18. mimimimi2009 says:

    VF and everyone..

    all actions and deccisions taken by Obama & co before and from now on… will not make any sense and will only favour the elite.. cuz that’s the plan… it’s no longer a surprise to me and to many probably…

    we, the global population, while knowing the insanity that is going on, have to work from the other side to couteract the insanity. And this is a good start although it seems maybe silly for some… please check what cutting edge scientists are saying and are up to:

    Join the network!


  19. rosehips says:

    I think maybe obama should bring back the “Model T” Ford. I heard that had better gas mileage than most American cars today.

  20. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, that’s great… I haven’t had the urge to post since the grass report was killed. I need to play it safe for a couple of reports. I have a couple reports I could post to test the water.
    I was thinking about using the cute caterpillar picture to warn all about tomorrow’s worm or I was going to post a warning from Abe Lincoln.

    Which one sounds more like me??
    I am saving the T idea. lol

  21. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, you’ve got something with that T theme. Maybe we should design the card so it is T shaped??

  22. karmahd says:

    If we would have let the markets decide on this and these issues, it would have been tougher in the short run, but would have forced the companies in the long run to reduce to such a size that it is an economic chance to survive. Same with the banking situation, no change there, money is still tight and banks are not lending and the consumer confidence has not improved to the point where investment in any future is evident. This is a slow bleeding of our society.

  23. rosehips says:

    I’d also like to do something with tea leaves. You know as a way to predict the future. I can work it into my next Rasputin Poll. lol.

  24. rosehips says:

    let’s face it, consumers aren’t confident because our economy has failed. It cannot be fixed. It needs to be transformed. There is no good way to do it. Nothing Obama does can really ever bring back prosperity like we’ve known. Letting businesses fail could lead to new growth in other areas, but when greed and corruption are added to the equation, it inevitably won’t succeed except to make some rich to the outrage of so many who would be cast aside.

  25. rosehips says:

    I better go crack the books. see you later!

  26. ohiobelle says:

    karma, Wow! You said it all in that one sentence!
    Karma said,”This is a slow bleeding of our society”.

    Rosehips, I like the idea of tea leaves. What about posting a restaurant menu of the future after nationalized healthcare?? An example:

    Hamburger and French Fries $4.99

    If you’re on government health plan:

    Soy Burger with Cup of Fruit $ 9.99

    All deserts will have to do with tea leaves… maybe something like this.

  27. karmahd says:

    The ‘primary” reason our economy failed was housing and its rapid uncontrolled rise. That has led to the credit crisis, that has led to the tightening of credit which has stopped all but essential consumer spending. The next was the loss of jobs in a survival mode by large corporations to save the core of there industries. This thing has snowballed, greed is not the reason, it has many factors in the reason for failure, but capitalism is really served us well over the last 50 years, so the switch to a more central government with more restriction and less incentive to grow, is saying to the people “you are too stupid to run your own life” and we the politicians with all the power will do so for you! Not a very hopeful outlook, I am actually looking at Costa Rica and if I can support myself, this situation is very f____ed up!

  28. Indycoltsfan says:

    Somebody help me out here. I don’t remember hearing about Obama getting a business degree or an MBA. did you? You might as well say goodbye to GM now that you have the clueless Kenyan national running the company. I am glad I don’t own any GM cars.

  29. karmahd says:

    I also contend the situation has been painted with a much worse brush in an effort to further expand the growth of government. Trust me this is not Obama, he is nothing but a figure head for the trigger pullers in his camp.

  30. voice27 says:

    I believe the system can be fixed but we cannot rely on a socialistic government to fix it.

    Capitalism is a self repairing mechanism, where one giant crashes, another one pops up. GM should be allowed to fail, so should the banks. To me it is similar to nature, the strongest survive, and when the leader gets to old, a more powerful one takes his post. Sure, it would difficult in the short run, but instead of trying to make a square peg roll, why not invest in some round pegs…idk… maybe alternate energy.

    Does anyone recall what the stress testing was the government did on banks near the end of the great depression? Why would not do something similar to that in todays economy? Just wondering…

  31. voice27 says:

    KarmaHD – Could not agree more. “Fear Tactics” the new control for mindless Americans.

  32. voice27 says:

    Didn’t Obama get his MBA from the University of Hawaii… it looks like it may be fake to me but I am sure if was, we would know.


  33. ohiobelle says:

    I think Obama will be better off without Pelosi and Reid. My fear all along was that he was the perfect puppet for their agenda’s. Unless he gets rid of the corrupt politicians, he’ll remain an empty suit.

  34. ohiobelle says:

    voice 27, didn’t our government do stress test on a few banks?? I don’t believe any results have been or will be released.

  35. voice27 says:

    ohiobelle – thats not an OSU sweater on your dog is it : (

  36. VotingFemale says:

    hubby has the afternonn off so we are going to go hits some golf balls…

    see everyone later!

  37. voice27 says:

    I am not sure… I remember reading something about the stress tests of the great depression and how that helped resolve the situation. Could have been a misleading article, I just don’t remember it well enough to have a good idea if it translate into todays economy.

    As for them doing it recently, I have not heard so that would be news to me.

  38. rosehips says:

    have fun at the range vf! don’t break anymore nails!

  39. ohiobelle says:

    vf, make sure you got the bernie balls, the new golf balls should be out today.

    voice27, Yes she is in an Ohio State Jersey. Isn’t it awesome! I am a big fan of OSU college football.

  40. rosehips says:

    karma, thanks for the mini-economics lesson. I think the housing market did explode partly due to greed. Many people bought houses to make a profit and house prices skyrocketed. I wish I had bought a house here 20 years ago for 20% of the price now. I’d still be ahead and there are still Californians coming up here who are buying houses. They better not expect a job too. Rents have been out to lunch here in recent years. I was so lucky to get something affordable when I moved here. If I were paying $600 or more, I’d be hurting. Wages are low here, so affordable housing is a serious problem.

  41. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, I am testing the ireport water. I just did a quick “safe” ireport. We’ll see what happens.

  42. voice27 says:

    Oh no! we can no longer chat with one another… I bleed maze and blue!

  43. Indycoltsfan says:

    Obama, Socialism with a smile. Every time I see Obama on TV it reminds me of that old seventies song from the Ojays “Backstabbers”

  44. rosehips says:

    belle, I’ll check it out. did you see my report on autism?

  45. rosehips says:

    voice, what team is maze and blue?

    indy, prepare for a link to that song when vf gets back from her golf game!

  46. voice27 says:

    Only the greatest team in the land… University of Michigan. Not that we need to talk about sports, just wanted to give Ohiobelle a laugh.

  47. voice27 says:

    Will check back later, got to get back to the grind stone.

  48. karmahd says:

    Rose, we are a half step above Chimps, you cannot expect the homo sapiens to be not concerned with gathering as many coconuts as possible?? The bad part is that is creates some bad behavior, the good is only the strong survive, and it further propagates the species. Not altrustic in nature but the way things are on the blue marble, take the incentive out of the picture and you will have a bunch of uninspired monkeys that only want to be hand fed. I am now in to biology as well as teaching econ. Ha cha cha cha…

  49. ohiobelle says:

    Okay, this is my report to test the water. I think even CNN would agree with me on this.


  50. ohiobelle says:

    voice27, Michigan… That’s great! I love the big 10!!!

  51. ohiobelle says:

    I am going to logout for now but I will be checking in later tonight.

  52. VotingFemale says:

    Belle, you should read this… all of it… Lincoln transcended, over time, the socially induced racism that was considered, at the time, to be the norm… He eventually rose above it… and emerged on the other side of the coin…


  53. karmahd says:

    HMM tell that to the detractors on her post, I have been slammed

  54. VotingFemale says:

    well… belle needs to get the full story and lette is only telling half the story

  55. VotingFemale says:

    you can pm belle with my comment…

  56. voice27 says:

    So how did you hit’m VF?

  57. VotingFemale says:

    First time out this year…. did Ok but the bag of clubs always feels heavier lugging them around at the beginning of the season lol

  58. VotingFemale says:

    just went to the driving range… do you golf, V?

  59. karmahd says:

    I miss golf, in my line of work we would play twice a week and there are soooo many golf courses in Florida it is missed. Hopefully I will get to play when the rates drop here. We have coursed you can play for 10-15 dollars, I like that.

  60. arlenearmy says:

    I was listening to Fox News on XM and agreed that Obama is acting like a used car salesman. GM-in-Chief.

  61. VotingFemale says:

    It gets in your blood and never leaves…
    Florida is great for golf… I miss that about Florida.
    Good rates too…

    karmahd says
    I miss golf

  62. VotingFemale says:

    Arlene, Barack never ceases to amaze me, and it is something new every day… God knows what he will stir up on this trip…

  63. rosehips says:

    karma, loved your biology lesson! would love a coconut right about now..

  64. rosehips says:

    vf, did you live in Florida?

  65. rosehips says:

    I hope Obama comes back with a British accent. That would be way cool.

  66. rosehips says:

    larena has an interesting post for non obama fans. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-238193
    There is also one for supporters. I haven’t gone there. I’m off.
    The G20 is getting spicy. Infoaddict has a good vid about it.

  67. voice27 says:

    VF – I do golf as much as I can… but here in Wisconsin, its a short lived season.

  68. karmahd says:

    Where would you like it rose yuck yuck yuck in my best curley!!

  69. karmahd says:

    Well it was frigging 78 tonight and it is March!!! To some that is good, but the heat is starting to drain me, I have been here a long long time.. Need some big green trees and lakes and mountains. But then come home to my blue gulf waters…

  70. karmahd says:

    Wow, Larena is developing a hit list!! That is all I will say on that post.

  71. voice27 says:

    Thanks for that Karma… I think it is like 35 out tonight here : )

  72. voice27 says:

    Does anyone know a way to track new posts? ie, VF post a new blog, I get notified somehow?

  73. karmahd says:

    HMM that sounds like a VF question, I have not posted but one so far. But tomorrow I could have that answer, VF you here??

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  75. java66 says:

    voice27, click on blog surfer then you can add names of people whose post you want to follow.

  76. VotingFemale says:

    To do that you can subscribe to the blog and get notifications via e-mail.


    Does anyone know a way to track new posts? ie, VF post a new blog, I get notified somehow?

  77. VotingFemale says:

    Obama is betting heavily on his ability to keep his approval rating up with his weekly application of national hopium with the help of CNN and other White House Media Companies like the GE-Owned NBC and MSNBC. Hi is burning a lot of personal political capital as if he has a limitless supply of it.

    It is a finite quantity and he is burning it at a rapid rate. One wonders when the yes men he has surrounded himself with will turn on him behind the scenes after the approval poll break even point is transversed as the polls head south of approval out numbering dsapproval.

    I see the Obama Approval Poll as the Obama “Hope He Can” Poll.

  78. m2elena says:

    hey everyone, I agree with mimi up there!

    We all say “broken socialism” etc. The truth is, just like it’s hard to accept that Terrorists have no humanity (strapping bombs to kids), and that they want to Kill people “just because”… (It is hard to accept.) We HAVE to stop applying RATIONAL thought to Obama. Even typical “euro-socialist” rational application. This man and his cohorts are nothing but danger. (Actually, not unlike dare I say, terrorists?) Really…

    He isn’t banking on Socialism. He’s (would seem) he is doing everything he can to screw this country. Not adopt one platform or another.

    And this is what I have suspected. If you were going to fundamentally change the status/power/way of life of the US. How could you do it? How?

    You can’t just create a Soft-Socialism system out of an Individual-Created way of life. People would not just ‘give up’ the things they have earned in order to do so.

    But you can through total economic devastation. What’s the easiest way to create such crippling devastation, Ef up everything, and if you are going to do it- do it to the extreme.

    My friend posted this on a site.

    I have been feeling this way all along (I don’t listen to Alex Jones or anything), but I have always felt, that if we are “talking about today’s news” we’re already under their thumb. We have to learn to approach this dictatorship one step ahead, and learn to not apply rational explanation to their actions.

    I don’t know, but the whole thing gives me such a bad feeling. 😦

  79. m2elena says:

    and before anyone thinks that “changing the status/power/way of life” of the U.S. is a “good thing”… take away your rational thought and character. He’s not doing it for the people here. He’s an operative on the Global level. He’s never been a nationalistic sort of man. He is doing what he is told to do by the foreign elite… and this won’t be a good change, no matter what political belief system you identify with. It will not be the liberal-utopian dream of “more like Europe”… The EU says we are on the Road to Hell. They should know. It’s far worse than simple soft-socialism. These changes are meant to harm us, not help.

  80. Indycoltsfan says:

    VF, I heard on my local talk show today that many of the gitmo prisoners will be sent to the US because their countries won’t take them back. Now doesn’t that news make you feel safer. Another brilliant plan from the odumba administration.

  81. rosehips says:

    good morning vf, m2 , indy and all!

    Indy, interesting about Stevens case being dropped. The article didn’t say why though. Maybe he’s too old.

  82. rosehips says:

    indy, did you see this?

    Miss Universe says had “lot of fun” in Guantanamo


  83. VotingFemale says:

    Morning M2 and Indy!

    Indy, yes I saw that this morining… seems a screw up/s by the prosecution has tainted the trial.

    M2, a socialist takeover via an orchestrated economic collapse is a well documented scheme of Socialist/Marxists ala Saul Alinsky. re: Cloward Piven Strategy.

    There is virtually a Media Blackout on this subject as observed by this Google link which searches news article links:

    See this link:


    Obamunists Using Socialist Strategies To Manufacture Crises

    By Andrea Lafferty Friday, March 20, 2009

    The current economic crisis our nation faces can be traced back to a series of congressional actions that forced banks to give risky home mortgage loans to low-income individuals.

    But, the seeds of the current economic crisis – and the socialist solutions being proposed by Obamunists – goes back much further.

    The radical left (which President Obama was part of as a community organizer in Chicago), devised a strategy back in 1966 to bring about orchestrated crises to be used to socialize our nation.

    In 1966, two socialist professors at Columbia University named Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven published an article in The Nation that outlined how to manufacturer crises for socialist objectives.

    Cloward and Piven were inspired by Marxist organizer Saul Alinsky, who used community organizing in Chicago to bring about social change. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was mentored by Alinsky and learned political tactics from him. Barack Hussein Obama worked for Alinsky-created groups in Chicago. He also learned Alinsky tactics.

    Cloward and Piven proposed overloading the welfare system in order to create an economic crisis that would ultimately destroy our capitalist system.

    They first targeted the welfare system and used the services of black activist George Wiley and his National Welfare Reform Organization (NWRO) to create economic chaos. New York City was targeted in the mid-1970s. This tactic drove the city into bankruptcy in 1975.

    Another group that used Cloward/Piven’s socialist tactics is ACORN, a group that Obama represented in Chicago. ACORN has engaged in voter fraud and has pressured banks into giving risky loans. Their goal has been two-fold: Overload the voter registration with fraudulent applications and undermine the banking system. As attorney for ACORN, Obama helped put pressure on the federal government under Clinton to greatly expand the unsafe loans being handed out to low-income people.

    As history shows, Barack Hussein Obama was involved during the 1990s with ACORN and helped create the current economic crisis we’re in. He is now using this crisis to socialize our nation.

    Obama’s entire background has been rooted in radical socialist and Marxist ideologies. His mother was an atheist who embraced Marxist thought as a high school student; his mentor in Hawaii as a teenager was a black Marxist named Frank Marshall Davis, who encouraged him to move to Chicago – which has been a hotbed of black Marxist activism since the 1920s.

    Obama became a community organizer in Chicago, working for Saul Alinsky groups. He attended a church pastored by a black liberationist pastor named Jeremiah Wright. Black Liberation theology comes directly from Marxist radicals.

  84. VotingFemale says:

    I am considering a blog post on this…

  85. VotingFemale says:

    I’ll probably also do one on Taliban’s Baitullah Mehsud’s treat to carry terrorism out against the White House and Washington DC in light of Predator Drone Attacks against the Taliban camps in Pakistan.

  86. rosehips says:

    vf, political tactics are one thing but do you think that Hillary still aspires to what she did when she was in her 20’s?

    As someone who was radical in my 20’s, I believe that people develop their politics and ideologies throughout their lifetime. I doubt she or Obama or any of Saul Allinsky’s protege still cling to all the beliefs they learned in their youth. Whether their core beliefs remain, whose to say? What does Hillary espouse? Does she claim Saul Allinsky as her role model?

  87. rosehips says:

    morning vf. How’s your day going?

  88. m2elena says:

    Hey VF, I agree… BUT- I’m thinking this is not just “socialism”. That’s the thing that’s even more so bothersome. This is something evil. Like all the other Leftist turned Dictators. We’ve never successfully hurtled toward World gov’t like is possible today. I think it goes beyond, Socialism, Coward-Piven. I THINK THIS IS FABIAN SOCIALIST.

  89. m2elena says:

    rosehips, I’ve always thought the same thing… is that weird? To have a state of mind, and have never changed (from teen to adult)? (Always a capitalist loving, freedom minded, economic conservative).

  90. rosehips says:

    yep m2. who among us still think the way they did in high school. If they did, their influences must have been profound. I can’t imagine not swaying from any ideology that I once aspired too. As we grow, we learn.

  91. m2elena says:

    Well I did make it through art school thinking this way. So I don’t know what’s wrong with me. LOL.

  92. rosehips says:

    and to be honest, I hold most of the same ideologies I have for years, but I think I’m odd. Most of my friends are much more conservative than they were in their youth.

  93. rosehips says:

    I thought this ireport was a hoot!

    it looks like new posts are up on ireports. there were no new ones for 6 hours.

  94. m2elena says:

    “Brave New World” always impacted me. Hmmmm….

  95. rosehips says:

    good book m2. I’m glad that most high school students read it. I wonder if they still require it? I can’t remember if my son read it for class or not.

  96. m2elena says:

    “. . . the line between Fascism and Fabian Socialism is very thin. Fabian Socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian Socialism plus the inevitable dictator.”

  97. m2elena says:

    yah I think HS kids are supposed to still read that book.

  98. m2elena says:

    More and more Government intervention in the field of production and distribution as advocated by Keynes, produces an ever-increasing bureaucracy which decides how the . , nation’s heritage is to be used. This is justified under the slogan that the Government must provide ‘”Full Employment”.
    [[ It is also suggested that this is “”progressive,” overlooking the fact that the pyramids of Egypt were also used to provide ‘”Full Employment” thousands of years ago. No doubt the slaves who toiled on the building of the pyramids would have preferred the opportunity of working on some project of benefit to themselves! ]]

  99. m2elena says:

    Just reading some schtuff online:

    Evidence of this development is already mounting in every Western nation where the Fabian tactic of gradualism is being applied. If the Communist strategy for obtaining a World Monopoly of Power is to be defeated, then not only must all policies for further centralising power be vigorously challenged; but there must also be a progressive decentralisation of all power, political, financial, and economic under the effective control of individuals who can then be made personally responsible for their actions.

    If the supporters of the free society are not capable of advancing appropriate policies for decentralising power, for ensuring that the individual does gain access to his own heritage, then not only will they not defeat the Communist challenge; they will get what they deserve.

  100. rosehips says:

    Interesting about Fabian Socialism m2. I had to look that up. I saw on wiki that it claims Gordon Brown is one. The G20 is going to get ugly, I predict. So many opposing interests. I hope I’m wrong.

  101. m2elena says:

    k, I’ll stop there. 🙂

  102. m2elena says:

    this is dated older, but tell me that the predictions in it are not what we see right now.

  103. karmahd says:

    Morning all, slept in today, I see things are going well. That Ireport has been taken down VF. Looks like Europe is not that crazy about our new president, maybe smarter than I thought?

  104. m2elena says:

    hey karma, mornin’

  105. karmahd says:

    M2 interesting article. Fabian huh, makes sense and this is the man who with his group of thought police came out of nowhere to President so he is more than armed to complete the task. Here is another article on the same lines.


  106. rosehips says:

    Hi Karma! What ireport?

    m2, I found that article about obama/fabian socialist very interesting. That guy sure got it right. I have to admit that Fabian Socialism appeals to me in a sense, being the radical that I am, but it’s funny that they say to question everyone but themselves. That is so typical and is what turns me off to almost all parties and belief systems.
    The author made excellent observations and points.

  107. m2elena says:

    Swoon! I love the Krauthammer!!! I’m gonna read right now!

  108. m2elena says:

    Rose, no centralization of power is fair. Sometimes I get these feelings. Like “Surely Barack wouldn’t do this (fema camps, armed militias, etc) when he has 2 daughters. Then (shake yourself), Oh yes “He’s the Elite, and therefore will always be in secure bubble, him and his children.”

    Thus is the way of Leftists turned Authoritarian.

  109. m2elena says:

    I mean armed civilian force. Guess the opposition would be the “militia”….

  110. rosehips says:

    m2, weren’t the fema camps set up by Bush?

  111. karmahd says:

    Sorry Rose you posted it, I am on my first cup of coffee, I have the brain power of a snail until after a pot of coffee.

  112. karmahd says:

    I am thinking Texas might be a good place to move, then pull out of the union!! Lisa you have spare land for my tent, boat motorcycle and two dogs???

  113. m2elena says:

    Well if that’s a poor example of power attributed to “Obama”… There’s only about a 1,000 more examples. How about the gov’t backing the car industry, which Ford/Gm announced that they will now “pay for ppls car payments if they cannot”… why do they say that? B/c they know they can’t pay, we will be paying. Central power, with the government in charge of industry, & media is the “road to hell” (to quote EU pres)

  114. karmahd says:

    M2 exactly, a hole is being dug that will not be able to fill, Obama is creating this mess so he can fix it and give us more of his Bama-aid.

  115. m2elena says:

    Ok, perused article Karma… Saw Krauthammer saying this live on TV. Still think it’s beyond what he’s saying. We’re on the big boys level. And by that, I mean (look back to history) big “boys”.

  116. rosehips says:

    I’ve had an interesting back and forth pm with a Canadian, after I left a comment on his Hare Krishna vid. His wife is with a Doctor’s group that provides medical care to third world communities. In two of his vids he is wearing communist tee shirts. I asked him if he was a communist, but he dodged the question. He is a funny guy and I enjoy his videos! I remember one at Christmas of his daughter on Santa’s lap. It was a riot! What do you think?

  117. karmahd says:

    Agreed, in three months this plan has spread like a fungus!!

  118. rosehips says:

    re: krauthammer…I am an advocate of single payer health care. lol.

    but I must agree that the more the gov’t takes control of industry, the more concerned I am. I don’t think we are equipped to handle it all and I don’t know of many gov’ts that are run efficiently. sigh.

  119. m2elena says:

    rosehips, you are thinking too rational. It’s not the goal for this Power elite to fix anything.

    Anyway…ppl are free to believe in communist. Why does Obama+Obamafanatics (ACORN) etc. Persecute Capitalists. Can’t we all be free and individual to think how we want. I thought that was the point of this nation. It’s the most hypocritical… and that is just it. Not rational, not with care in mind, not compassionate.

    Authoritarian. Like all leftists/Statists eventually become. I’m going to keep saying that, b/c it’s true. Authoritarians, Statism, and Dictators come from left movements. Even Hitler.

  120. VotingFemale says:

    Hillary (and Bill) in their 20’s? Their politics at that time was the product of inexperience in the real world and socialist propaganda of university professors.

    Bill Clinton’s eyes have been opened by experience as has Hillary. Thus I view them both at thier present ages as left wing moderates/centrists.

    The difference being the differences between theory and reality.

    That Hillary has sold out her centrism for a job on the Obama administration was her decision and I think it was a bad one.

    rosehips wrote:

    vf, political tactics are one thing but do you think that Hillary still aspires to what she did when she was in her 20’s?

  121. m2elena says:

    I love Charles Krauthammer… ha ha. My husband is always laughing at me.

  122. karmahd says:

    Rose those two posts are very interesting, also the Canadian is Russian, and I think our friend is in the BIZ. Funny guy, check the darting eye movement, and the constant scanning, kind of a tell, if you play cards you might know what I am talking about. Funny to wear a Mao shirt and defend his actions at a Krisna rally….

  123. m2elena says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Hillary… because I am a Conservative economic minded person. But I agree with VF, that she would have been much more United States loving and done what is right for us. She is a citizen of this country and would fight for us.

    I am sickened that the Obama movement STOLE her nomination. There is NO QUESTION. And how naive! So long ago, I remember seeing a picture (on Michelle Malkin.com) of an Obama campaign office,… they had CHE imagery up! Like flags. So proud. They were not democrats, not liberals. This is sad for our country.

  124. rosehips says:

    m2, are sure that wasn’t photoshopped? (che flag) I saw that photo too.

  125. karmahd says:

    I think it is important to first establish motive, what is Obamas motive, what are Bill and Hillarys motive. What drives there beliefs, I believe Bama wants to raise the poor to middle class and the rich down to middle class. Basic ideology of socialism. I had read an article that Pres is a big proponent of Mao-ism, which is a police state with a large standing inter-country stabilizing police force. This become interesting when you do research on his comments to the military, he actually stated he wanted to develop a large internal police force this was sold as, “to protect the interests of American citizens” HMMMM

  126. m2elena says:

    There’s no way that was photoshopped. Obama was a member of New Party and DSA Chicago. These are his people. This is the JOKE we elected/fooled by them stealing election. Whatever. He’s here, and he works for THEM.

  127. VotingFemale says:

    M2, this country is basically balanced… over the long run… not too far to the left or right… thus I pick both left and right candidates for an election that will do the least harm as the pendulum swings left and right.

    Hillary was the correct DEM candidate and McCain for the GOP.

    I rejected both Obama and Romney as being extremists.

  128. VotingFemale says:

    The Obama ACORN relationship that is still ongoing as evidenced by the planned role of ACORN in the upcoming census taking???

    That is just plain BS

  129. karmahd says:

    I dont know Romney is starting to sound better

  130. m2elena says:

    I supported McCain, b/c we have nothing but money/power enabling a “two” party system. Naturally my vote was against Obama. I agree with you VF. The unprecedented actions at the Convention. The vote was in the hotel rooms right? Gawd it’s stinks of the worst kinds of Statist dictatorships. From the getgo.

    Here you go Rosehips, plenty of O “pictures and in meeting notes” etc. from DSA, and New Paryt. Ahhh they also scrubbed their sites, to present a more “moderate” definition of their aims. Trust me, before Election day, it read much differently.

  131. karmahd says:

    It has become obvious by the actions of the new ad-min that this is a broad reaching concerted plan to encompass all forms of government and its players. It even has the politicians worried on both sides. I am sure concessions have been made to insure continuance of power to all that join the cause!

  132. Indycoltsfan says:

    karmahd, I have a theory. It is to their advantoge to keep this country in a crises mode and in turmoil. They know people are getting frustrated with the economy and their move to socialism and I believe they hope these tea parties expand into some type of national insurrestion so they can declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and have an excuse to confiscate the 100 million plus guns that are currently in the hands of private citizens.

  133. VotingFemale says:

    I think in terms of the long run…

    Why pick an extremist to replace an extremist?
    One is the frying pan and the other the fire… and 70% of voters are moderates… and wind up rejecting perceived extremists… case in point?

    Bush got Obama elected because of perceived right wing extremism… and the GOP party members rejected Romney early on during the campaign… thus he was forced to drop out.

  134. m2elena says:

    hmmm guess my comment disappeared.

    I was just saying that what they did at the Democrat Convention, the unprecedented vote in the hotel rooms is an indicator of the elitist dictatorship to come. Also, did not particularly like any Repub. candidate, but I operate in the “two party” system, because a third party will never have the money/power to influence. I voted against Obama

    And then to Rose, the New Party/DSA scrubbed their sites post election b/c they needed to present a more moderate version of their goals. I know this for a fact, I saw the before and after. They couldn’t get all the references off the web (pictures/mtg notes) http://beltwayblips.dailyradar.com/story/obama_file_36_how_socialist_was_obama_s_new_party/

  135. m2elena says:

    And then to Rose, the New Party/DSA scrubbed their sites post election b/c they needed to present a more moderate version of their goals. I know this for a fact, I saw the before and after. They couldn’t get all the references off the web (pictures/mtg notes) http://beltwayblips.dailyradar.com/story/obama_file_36_how_socialist_was_obama_s_new_party/

  136. rosehips says:

    I had friends in NY way back who worked for ACORN. I think basically they do good things for the poor and disenfranchised. But getting financing for people who can’t afford it is just wrong. Obama continues to promote the American Dream by stating that young people right out of college shouldn’t have to wait to own a home. That’s ridiculous! They should pay off their loans, get a fat down payment, and then think about buying a home.
    Acorn by their nature attracts people who are needy and they have quotas, I believe. It lends itself to fraud and like many corportions, small businesses, gov’t agencies etc it is widespread. But I find it unfair to condemn the group as a whole when they do good for some of the most needy in our society.

  137. m2elena says:

    my comment won’t post…

  138. m2elena says:

    that one did.

    Rose, the New Party/DSA scrubbed their sites post election b/c they needed to present a more moderate version of their goals. I know this for a fact, I saw the before and after. They couldn’t get all the references off the web (pictures/mtg notes) http://beltwayblips.dailyradar.com/story/obama_file_36_how_socialist_was_obama_s_new_party/ to

  139. VotingFemale says:

    That is reason enough not to give OBama & Company justified means to declare martial law.
    They can be defeated peacefully… and thoroughly by two things… their behavior and public and loud rejection of that behavior. Voting is the poll that counts.

    Indy said:
    type of national insurrestion so they can declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and have an excuse to confiscate the 100 million plus guns that are currently in the hands of private citizens.

  140. rosehips says:

    indy, you are sounding like a 60’s radical. lol!

  141. m2elena says:

    anyway rose, that is what wouldn’t post…
    just that I saw the DSA/New Party sites before the election. They’ve been scrubbed. They now espouse a more moderate “social justice” conviction whereas before it was more Communistic… herd. Who isn’t for the concept of “social justice” just another use of PROPAGANDIZING language. SO that is the Obama crowd, incl. him. They had to scrub the sites b/c there’s too many links to his photo with them and inclusion in their mtg notes.

  142. karmahd says:

    Indy that is part of the plan, and a good observation. I look at things from a tech stand point, and look at the actions and discount the rhetoric, the rhetoric is just to confuse and get people thinking while the actual actions take place. It is like giving the public a rubic’s cube to work on while the foundation of the plan is being implements. People pause and say he what is he doing, oh wait I have to focus on my rubic’s cube, (rhetoric), this is a basic premise in the “Art of War”. And before you know it, we all have new neighbors the government.

    VF I was tongue in cheek with Romney, but I do like his economic abilities over any other politician he knows business.

  143. karmahd says:

    Acorn is corrupt and the good they do is far outweighed by the bad!! But hey did we not give them something like 8 billion in the stimlus package??

  144. karmahd says:

    Obama got his start in the Chicago branch of the DSA, and was supported by them from 1994-1999, and you are correct M2 the files have been scrubbed, but a google search will show that the history was saved by others


  145. m2elena says:

    VF, tried to include this in my other comment (the one that wouldn’t post)… I wasn’t fan of McCain, but also wasn’t a fan of any Repub. nominee. I voted against Obama, as I operate in the world of the 2-party, knowing a 3rd will never successfully achieve the ground needed do to lack of funding(AKA power)… But I was disgusted at Democrat Convention, the voting in the Hotel rooms? Never been done before like that, only a dictator in the making creates such illegalities and make the media not question the motive. He’s so gross.

  146. m2elena says:

    and for the record peeps. I saw the Mtg notes and references (with his name with my own eyes) on the ACTUAL SITES.

    Before scrubbing ensued.
    They had mtg. notes from that long ago. They are proud of him. And they also present themselves now, a lot different than they presenting themselves last year. PROPAGANDA PROPAGANDA PROPAGANDA. One has to wonder, if an organization (or party) hast to Lie in how they present themselves, what credibility of concern for humanity can they truly have?


  147. Indycoltsfan says:

    Rose, I was alive in the 60’s . LOL! I hate to admit it. I know how these radicals think. They are all about the quest for power and control and the accumulation of power and control. They have corrupted our government, our schools, our voting system, etc. and I believe the only way we will get this country back is by having another revolution. I am sorry if that statement seem radicals but I believe we are way past the point of getting this country back through democratic means.

  148. rosehips says:

    propaganda is rampant in every successful party and org.

  149. karmahd says:

    Indy, you might think this is odd but we have strange bedfellows to assist us in the cause to take the country back. It is basically choosing the devil we know. The politicians on both sides do not want to give up there power, for this plan to work for the Bama admin they would have too. So I believe when the rubber hits the road they will step up. Also I grew up in the 60’s as well, good times Dude…

  150. Indycoltsfan says:

    Karma, Wasn’t it great!!!I feel sorry for kids today. I am old enought to remember when this so called ” free country” really was free at least as far as your freedoms were concerned.

  151. m2elena says:

    I don’t think that NP/DSA lying about what they stand for is an example of success, party, or based in the organization of this country. I don’t thin the republicans lie about their message on their hompage, or the democrats, or the libertarians. So… not sure how the NP/DSA sneaking into the mainstream using their PROPAGANDA is acceptable.

  152. rosehips says:

    re: freedom..check out this youtube video.

    Richie Havens and Sean Penn! lol.

  153. Indycoltsfan says:

    The good old days!!! Gas for 39 cents a gallon. Cigs for 29 cents a pack. A one bedroom apt for 160 a month sometimes plus utilities. New cars from 2500 to 5000 dollars. Yea the good old days when you could live cheap and live well.

  154. karmahd says:

    Also if you take IReport as a cross section of opinion, the protagonists for Obama appear to be stepping up the rhetoric, this is a good sign, the push without question is now starting to be questioned. So amp up the brown shirt yell, this will run its course, but major damage has been done, and history if it is allowed in the future will show that this power grab is nothing more than an egomainacal effort to satisfy the egos of a group of very angry men who are supporters of there world order

  155. m2elena says:

    Members of DSA/NP and their lies to get public to accept them make me think of Lenin and Hitler and ppl like that. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a group such as theirs. They will USE their followers just as the others did.

  156. rosehips says:

    wow indy, you’re older than me! Gas was 54 cents when I started driving.

  157. karmahd says:

    Well Indy I was born in 57 so I was a child of the 60’s, I strutted my stuff on the disco dance floors of the 70’s, ahhhh the sexual freedom of the 70’s that is what I miss LOL

  158. rosehips says:

    bad news about the jobs karma.

  159. karmahd says:

    Yes it is Rose, the administration is so willy nilly trying to pass there agenda, NOTHING IS BEING DONE. The economy is not turning around, the path to recovery is not in BIG SPENDING, it is in tax cuts, stabilize the banks, correct the housing bubble, those two items should command the total focus of all of our politicans. ROME IS BURNING and Obama plays his social experiment out for all to see.

  160. rosehips says:

    karma, we sorta missed the 60’s, don’t you think? Although the influence was heavy for me. I wore out more than one pair of moccasins on the sidewalks of my neighborhood. And we all had peace signs and listened to the Beatles. those were good days for sure! But alas, we were too young to go to Woodstock.

  161. m2elena says:

    Private job loss is according to their plan. Remember. The goal is to unionize and strip the rights of all individuals.

    they’re probably thrilled.

  162. karmahd says:

    Rose see my comment above on the 60’s

  163. karmahd says:

    left at 11:16

  164. karmahd says:

    Wow the G20 is getting rough, we have social unrest, good sign

  165. Indycoltsfan says:

    Karmahd, I have to give obama credit. He pulled off the perfect con in this election. I believe he is a puppet of G soros and the other rich one worlders. They needed a charasmatic person to help lead their quest and they have been grooming obama for a long time. They are really calling the shots for him. Although Obama has impressive college credentials I believe he is as dumb as a box of rocks and is completely blinded by his marxist ideology. BTW, I wonder who writes his teleprompter speaches.

  166. m2elena says:

    lol… my dad was a jefferson starship, the doors, moody blues fan. He hates the beatles.

  167. rosehips says:

    indy, you sound like my ex with your box of rocks comparison (not that he’d call obama that..more like me, lol). You gotta give obama more credit than that.

  168. VotingFemale says:

    Sometimes one or more wordpress servers runs slow… it will eventually post, as has been my experience.

    m2elena says

    my comment won’t post…

  169. m2elena says:

    Indycoltsfan, it’s like you said what I’ve been saying myself to a “T”. 🙂
    Hear hear. George Soros (another fabian socialist) funded, box of rocks. If the man’s one redeeming quality is a penchant to speak “eloquently”, then needs a teleprompter to introduce a cabinent member. Whoah to the us, and the world. 😐

  170. rosehips says:

    hates the beatles? sacrilege! I like those bands that your dad did, m2, but they weren’t my very favs.

  171. karmahd says:

    Agreed, he is a figure head and I have been saying that for months. How else could you get a house junior member to president in 4 years!!!!! He jumped so many people it is silly. I do not think he is dumb, I think he is cold and calculating, and is self corrective. He is a narcissist, always looking for the personal gain in every situation. He latched on due to his abilities to “deliver” a speech, and he was black, or half so, this brought in the guilt of America, the youth vote trying to appease there “coolness” by voting for a black president. This campaign was brilliant, no other words for it, his handlers are media professionals. His campaign manager started to shoot video of this guy right after his speech at the last convention in an effort to “package” his run for office. It has worked out far better than any of them hoped, thus the smugness of him and his team!

  172. m2elena says:

    typo: cabinet

  173. m2elena says:

    I prefer Radiohead, mahself.

  174. rosehips says:

    I believe you are right karma. It was a brilliant campaign and done in haste and diligence. What a masterful coup!

  175. m2elena says:

    rose, there’s been many examples where the box of rocks has been on display. Canada, Gordon Brown, etc. Really. When someone’s been helped their whole live and groomed to be in this position- how could he actually be smart? In fact, they don’t want us to even know his grades. He’s had a ghost writer do his books, and has just been a pawn from the get-go which sold wonderfully! to the ppl that paid for his education, and buying him the presidency.

  176. Indycoltsfan says:

    Karma, yea the sexual freedom was great. No aids, no herpies, willing sex partners, occasional clap and crabs. No big deal just go to the doctor and get the medicine. Problem gone in a week. I have to admit I was a dog. LOL!!! It was fun being a musician in a local band too. The groupies you know. Lots of late night fun and partying. Too many women to little time. I don’t think I’ve been with as many woman as hef but I’ll bet I given him a run for his money over the years. LOL!!! Sorry ladies I was a dog back in the day but now I am a happily married man. LOL!!!!!!!!

  177. VotingFemale says:

    I totally agree. And would love to see his teleprompter crap out during a live televised speech… or even better to watch him recite a skillfully hacked speech rolling on the teleprompter. that would be a riot.


    I watched Boo-rock answer questions from the British Press and he was visibly nervous and did not tend to speak well as contrasted to the flowing off-the-cuff responses by PM Brown standing to his right.

    Indycoltsfan wrote:

    Karmahd, I have to give obama credit. He pulled off the perfect con in this election. I believe he is a puppet of G soros and the other rich one worlders. They needed a charasmatic person to help lead their quest and they have been grooming obama for a long time. They are really calling the shots for him. Although Obama has impressive college credentials I believe he is as dumb as a box of rocks and is completely blinded by his marxist ideology. BTW, I wonder who writes his teleprompter speaches.

  178. karmahd says:

    It is scary the mind control he has over so many with the emotion!!!!! That was the main reason for my post on Ireport “On the wings of Angels the Victim Rides” He is placing everyone in the position of victim, look what the government has done to you over the last 8 years, I am here to change that!!! My god, wake up, this is basic mind control and propaganda. He has the youth and the weak on his side, due to there internal anger at “the world not being fair” I want my piece of happiness, and Obama will give it tom me!!!

  179. m2elena says:

    a campaign/coup pulled off not by him. He was the shiny object of distraction. LOL. for the superficial people especially who voted just because he was a black guy.

  180. rosehips says:

    zz top? lol. why doesn’t that surprise me?

    yesterday I saw a photo of Bono and my rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers. What a hoot! She is an up and coming figure in the Republican party and has been groomed to rise. Watch for her. She is conservative and has appeal. You all might love her! lol. I went to a luncheon she hosted and I bet she was sorry she invited me. lol. But she was very gracious.

  181. m2elena says:

    don’t forget karma, he has the racists, bigots, homeless, class-envious jealous, and insane people on his side.

    Oh yeah, and terrorists (that was before the nomination), dictators (chavez, castro brothers)…
    any enemy of this nation.

    Ahhh now they use him for his weak leadership.

  182. karmahd says:

    Rose you will be glad to know, my music has a wide and varying tastes, I have a large collection over 3000 CD’s which includes every form of music, of which classical and Jazz are my two fav’s. I like everything but the new country

  183. rosehips says:

    not a dixie chick fan karma? lol.

  184. VotingFemale says:

    I view Obama as the Glossy Lipstick on the Socialist Pigzilla.

  185. rosehips says:

    shoot, almost burned my water. hahaha
    better get offa here for a bit. bbs.

  186. karmahd says:

    M2 yes he is in the back pocket of those and the hint or outright overt actions of stating I will talk to anyone was our first clue. You do not deal with radical leaders in public, that is done behind the scenes, to do so VALIDATES there actions. Only a person with a histronic personality disorder would reach out for this type of validation. Everyone should be very concerned.

    Rose I am not a conservative, I have numerous liberal views, but I am not for anyone who does not have the dignity to tell the truth, and runs a scam under the veil of democracy!

  187. Indycoltsfan says:

    Obama and company loves class warfare and they will exploit it at every opportunity. Obama’s game plan is right out of the saul olinsky playbook. scary!!!

  188. VotingFemale says:

    I never liked hippity hoppity music.

  189. karmahd says:

    Rose I have two Dixie Chick CD’s, Rose, Rose, you are labeling like the weak minded. Don’t assume, that can get one in trouble!!! I think you might be shocked at what my platform is, but I will say it has nothing to do with big government, it is closer to anarchy LOL

  190. rosehips says:

    lol @ hippity music. I really like KRS1. He’s a rapper with a conscience.

    indy, I came back because I wanted to ask you where you played back in the day when you had all the groupies? very curious. lol.

  191. rosehips says:

    karma, i was kidding. I did suspect you had the dixies in your collection. seriously. lol.

  192. karmahd says:

    VF there are some really good RAP, some of the old stuff has very catchy beats, the Gansta shit is not for me, although I do have Dre’s first Death Row CD…

  193. karmahd says:

    Roseie posie I was kidding toooooo

  194. m2elena says:

    Well… not sure if JT is hip-hop, but he’s actually AWESOME-talented. (Justin Timberlake.) I like him!

    Trudat, karma/indy.. media covered for his weak ass about dealing with thugs. to this day, I quit supporting MSM. Sorry, can’t help it. I used to watch Jim Leher and PBS, and listen to Diane Rehm, and Good Morning America. I won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole now. Not after what they did to Sarah Palin. (Notice they are not tearing up Biden’s daughter.)

  195. rosehips says:

    and karma, I respect your views. I really do. and I don’t have any label for you. You defy labels. you do…

  196. rosehips says:

    my kids had a real wu tang thing going. I worked with a guy who produced a couple of songs for wu tang. I hold judgment on their music. I forget if I like them or not! lol.

  197. karmahd says:

    Indy I just saw your answer to my 70’s comments. Well put, I was a tennis professional during the 70’s, and the prototypical tennis pro, I was the American Gigolo without the money, LOL. And thank GOD AID’s was not around during those days, I was a pretty good looking guy back then and I had the personality to go with it, a real cocky smartass rebel, the women ate that up???? I am not very proud of that aspect of my life, but living it was a hoot!!!!!!

  198. rosehips says:

    my ex blames me for introducing my kids to bands like Green Day and the Presidents when they were young. lol. He’s probably right but we sure loved the music.

  199. karmahd says:

    Hey Jimmy Fallons band the Roots has some good music out, and they had there “roots” in rap. They are some very talented musicians!!!

  200. rosehips says:

    karma, a tennis pro! wow! I had no idea. I did see a reference to your Harvard educated dad, so it all makes sense. I was a big tennis fan back in 70’s. Went to Madison Square Garden to see some of the pros play. I remember seeing Chrisie Everett and Billie Jean King and someone named Rosie! lol. Cool that you were a pro.

  201. karmahd says:

    Geenday is on my Ipod, and I listen to them at the gym, I love those guys, they really did not like George too much LOL

  202. rosehips says:

    so you taught tennis at the country club karma?

  203. rosehips says:

    Greenday continue to rock on! I love them.

  204. karmahd says:

    Rosie Calas, I was pretty good and got to play with all of them (tennis) and a lot of the other big names of the day. I was in the top 200 in the late 70’s early 80’s in the rankings. We were too poor for me to play a lot of tourneys, my dads Harvard degree in economics led him to a wonderful career in selling cars. He had a major problem with the bottle and died young, and I left home at the age of 17

  205. rosehips says:

    whoa karma. thanks for sharing. cool that you played with all the greats. let’s see who I can remember. Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Conners, Bjorn, I am forgetting all the names. Loved it when Bobby Riggs challenged Billie Jean. That was classic!
    my dad has struggled with drinking all his life, but amazingly has survived to 82 years old this month. Not drinking anymore though.

  206. karmahd says:

    OK time for the Karma to do some yard work, my little weeiner dog is getting lost in the leaves, need to do some raking!!!!

  207. Indycoltsfan says:

    rose, back in those days meaning the seventies and early eighties I lived in Md and played all over the state by mostly in Baltimore and Washinton DC. You have to remeber you are talking 30 years ago and most of those bars got shut down because of liquior law violations and some got hit with jewish lightening. Most of those old bars are now office buildings or parking lots. I used to love playing at the old blue bell on bel air road. I went by there a couple of years ago when I was in town visiting friends the old blue bell was gone. nothing left but asphalt. I asked my friend what happened and he said jewish lightening hit it. It was a great place. What a shame.

  208. rosehips says:

    indy, I am sure that it was similar to my old haunts in the 70’s in the NY suburbs. The drinking age was 18 but our id’s did not have photos and were paper so they were easy to change. Although I didn’t got to bars much as a minor, when I turned 18, it was a major part of my life and good music was always somewhere. I was not a groupie however but I’m sure it would have been fun! I did always go for musicians, for sure.

    There were bars in my town that would be filled with high school students every weekend.

  209. karmahd says:

    VF that damn PW again is acting up!!!

  210. rosehips says:

    indy, what’s jewish lightning? not sure that I like that term.

  211. karmahd says:

    same as greek lightning LOL very popular here in Florida

  212. LisaInTX says:

    Good Morning All. Just checking in….balancing our check books…end of the month stuff….see ya later.

  213. rosehips says:

    hi lisa, bye girl.

  214. rosehips says:

    ok I looked it up. I drank ouzo in Greece and could not believe how I could feel so sober and have so little body control Wow.

    Greek Lightning
    1/3 oz Ouzo
    1/3 oz Vodka
    1/3 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur (Cr.de Cassis)
    Mixing instructions:
    Pour into mixing cup with 2 or 3 ice cubes, and chill to make shooter. Strain into shot glass or test tube…

    Jewish lightning refers to setting a building on fire to collect insurance money. It is a bigotted term.

  215. karmahd says:

    sounds like a goooood drink and I drank Ouzo once, took three days to get my legs back

  216. karmahd says:

    Wonder where our moderator is???

  217. rosehips says:

    lol karma
    she is probably taking a cat nap, or filing her nails, or photochopping. lol!

  218. Indycoltsfan says:

    Rose you never heard of jewish lightning? Let me explain what it means. It’s a term I heard along time ago from a Jewish lawyer friend. It is a term used when a business burns down by mysterious causes that the fire marshal can’t prove or rule as an arson so the business owner can collect the insurance money.

  219. karmahd says:

    VF WAKE UP!!!! Your minions need you!!!!!!

  220. rosehips says:

    got it already indy. so it’s common in the old hood?

  221. Indycoltsfan says:

    Rose ,not trying to be bigoted by using the term jewish lightening. If I have offended you I apologize. yep, my days of playing in band were lots of fun. I still play guitar but not professionally any more.

  222. rosehips says:

    most of my old hang outs are gone. The other indy said he used to play in the area where I grew up and all the places he mentioned weren’t there when I was whooping it up in the late 70’s.

  223. Indycoltsfan says:

    Those were the day!!! So many fond memories!!!

  224. karmahd says:

    Indy I have a silver face Princeton sitting here in my office collecting dust. Been thinking of selling but they are only pulling about $400, no reverb is the big issue. Had to sell my collection about 10 years ago, had a tobacco CBS fender Tele Delux maple neck I let go for 500….. OUCH

  225. rosehips says:

    ok, indy. I’m not jewish but have friends who are. past history…

    I miss being so far removed from live concerts. I live far from any large city. I don’t get out much. I have gone to some shows with my kids when they were younger. I took my oldest to the Warped Tour and I’ve seen Motorhead and Danzig. Not my favs but I did like them!

    The Warped Tour at the Gorge was too hot. It was over 100 degrees. Whew. We camped there and the night before there had been a murder at the campground after a rap concert. wow.

  226. karmahd says:

    Also an old Mustang dual pickup from the 70’s, and the KING OF KINGS a 1964 Stratocaster Light, only 500 made I have come to find out that I sold in 1980 for 400, now worth $35000

  227. karmahd says:

    The sad thing is I suck on guitar!!! Also had a three pickup SG with a Bigsby tremolo bar

  228. rosehips says:

    ouch karma! that must have hurt to find it is worth so much now.

  229. rosehips says:

    my son and his dad got him a $750 bass for Christmas, they chipped in. He is not that good and I opposed spending that kind of money. What is it about guys and needed such slick guitars???? Ok, I know it is all for the chicks. lol.

  230. karmahd says:

    Rose, I like to collect things, and if I now had some of the guitars I once had they would total a value of over 100K, who knew, I used to hang with a group of friends that played and they always needed money, for some reason I always had money so I got some great deals!!! but turned them over at the time for a fair profit usually a 100 bucks, if I would have know!!!

  231. karmahd says:

    Well all I can say is make sure if you spend 750 on a bass that he learns the fundamentals, I was too lazy to do so, thus I cannot carry a tune, but I always had cool shit

  232. m2elena says:

    VF, and mimi -just realized you guys commented on my blog, welcoming me! Sorry for the delay, I didn’t know. 🙂

  233. rosehips says:

    karma, I am do a lot of buying and trading. guitars are good items to trade. They are beautiful instruments. I like to collect and sell record albums. I have a good collection and have sold some primo ones. I collect stereo equipment too and am always on the lookout for tube amps and the such. I am excited for garage sale and estate sale season. Starts now!

  234. Indycoltsfan says:

    I’m not all that familiar with the princeton amp. I think fender makes it. If it’s a tube amp you should be able to get $400 with no problem. I played mostly on marshalls and fender twin reverbs’s. It’s sounds like you let the tele delux go to cheap. I play my strat and les paul through a twin 12, 100 watt Line 6 these days. I love the electronics in it. I have 3 electrics and 6 acoustic guitars left from my collection.

  235. ohiobelle says:

    Good afternoon. VF, I thought you would’ve been all over the new government website. Yea they now have a website for those feeling suicidal… hmmm Our government will give you happy pills to make you feel better while they continue to spend our money. I think the economy is so much worse than we know.

  236. rosehips says:

    belle, I was just getting ready to ask where you were this morning!!!

  237. mimimimi2009 says:

    hi there.. how are you guys lately… what’s new??… other than Obama is sipping tea with za Queen???

  238. rosehips says:

    vf is mia at the moment but she may be sighted any time now.

  239. karmahd says:

    Rose I am a stereo nut as well I have some old McIntosh stuff, two amps, I have them hooked up in my bedroom. In my office I have about a 8k system, and my main system is or did cost about 15K when I put it together. those were times of more money than brains. I did used to buy and sell on Ebay for awhile in stereo stuff, but the prices even there got out of hand and no profit could be made. I bet now would be a good time to buy with the bad economy, problem is I am part of that economy, no money whaaaa

  240. Indycoltsfan says:

    Rose ,I heard vinyl is making a come back. I have a pretty good vinyl collection myself and I have an old kenwood amp that I bought in the mid seventies that still works and an old pioneer receiver from the seventies that still works.

  241. karmahd says:

    Vinyl is huge, turntables are hip, analog is a big movement with all the compressed ditigal stuff out there now. I have an old techniques with a stanton needle sitting in my closet, right next to all my ammo LOL that was for Rose

  242. karmahd says:

    Used to buy and sell guns quite a bit, not anymore, there is another area where I wish I had kept the inventory!!!

  243. karmahd says:

    OK guys I have to get to work, Rose tell VF our story…

  244. Indycoltsfan says:

    The electronics from the sixties and seventies were solid. What ever the wattage rating it was usually double that in reality. I can’t tell you how many pairs of speakers I blew out with that old kenwood amp. LOL!

  245. rosehips says:

    cool guys. Mcintosh is a great brand. I used to live in Binghamton ny where they make them. I have a local friend who has an awesome mac system.
    old stereo equipment is going cheap now. Last year I made a killing on a luxman system I bought for $12. and I bought a sansui tube amp that I bought from a nam vet that I use. It’s nice. I have put a few nice systems together that I bought for dirt cheap.
    I did get ripped off by an old timer who I brought the stuff for repair. But now I found someone honest (the guy with the mac) and I am looking forward to some good bargains this year.
    Vinyl I haven’t sold much of lately. Several years back I was making mint.

  246. rosehips says:

    I bought a kenwood in the 70’s too. It may still be at my folks house, but I don’t think so. I have one kenwood here. I bought that for $3. It cranks!

  247. karmahd says:

    Luxman for 12 bucks jeeeezzzze, was it an amp or what, that is very good stuff.

  248. rosehips says:

    later karma and lol @ the ammo comment.

  249. rosehips says:

    an amp, toner amp, tuner and maybe one other.

  250. karmahd says:

    I got into some of the old Carver stuff Amps you could pick them up for 100 dollars and you talking about pure power, they were solid state but were very loud and clean!!!

  251. Indycoltsfan says:

    Karma, I am ready for the analog comeback. I still have my pioneer and sansui turntables.

  252. rosehips says:

    no I think it was just three components.

  253. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, I’ve only been logged on for a short time. I’ve been commenting on my post at ireports. So far so good. I’ve been able to avoid any major conflicts.

  254. rosehips says:

    meltdown in London!

  255. karmahd says:

    Indy, I have a DAT, digital converter, that upstreams digital music to 192K it is almost as pure as good analog, a slight bit less in warmth but real damn close for about 1/4th the price of top line analog

  256. rosehips says:


    haven’t gone there but I heard it on cnn. I’m gonna check it out. I think it’s an anarchist site. lol.

  257. karmahd says:

    Google “citipulse DAT converter” read the stats I have it in my office with an Adcom 5500 GFE amp run through a Sherwood Newcastle (top line) and played through an OPPO 962. Speakers Klipsch CF2’s in an office about 120 square feet, LOL major OVERKILLLLLLLL

  258. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, I’ve been watching that protest all morning. Correct me if I am wrong but it appears they are blaming us for the economy??

    What do you think of the suicidal website? Kind of reminds me of the depression.

  259. Indycoltsfan says:

    My kenwood is rated i believe at 100 w per channel but I know It puts out twice that. It is a tank and weighs about 20 lbs. I can run 3 sets of speakers off of it and crank them without any problems and power clipping and still have power to spare. Carver amps are power monsters too. I used to like the phase linear amps as well.

  260. rosehips says:

    sorry, bad link…it does look like an anarchist group: http://www.g-20meltdown.org/3.html

  261. Indycoltsfan says:

    meltdown in london? Damn! no tv!!

  262. karmahd says:

    The Adcom amp is 200 watts at 8 ohms, two channel power, I also have surround sound through the Newcastle at 200 per channel x 7 channels. I am a major dumb ass when it comes to stereos, it was an addiction as you can see!!

  263. rosehips says:

    indy, my kenwood is rated the same. It’s an integrated amp.
    My Sansui weighs a ton. The Luxman’s were way heavy too. They cost a lot to ship. I shipped the tuner to Italy.

  264. karmahd says:

    Back on topic, it is a mess in London, I have had it on in the background all morning, they are pissed at America!!! Guess VF is still sleeping??

  265. rosehips says:

    wow karma. you are a true audiophile! Would love to hear your system.

  266. karmahd says:

    Rose what did ya get for the Luxman stuff???

  267. Indycoltsfan says:

    karma, sound like some kool stuff. I bought alot of cool stuff when I was in my early 20’s living at home. I had a decent job with low overhead expenses and had plenty of cash to blow. Those were the good old days!! LOL!!!

  268. ohiobelle says:

    Karma, I wish they’d realize we are just as pissed as they are. I wish I could be there right now.

  269. karmahd says:

    Yeah it was a very expensive hobby rose, I did not even go into the wires I have too, they cost half of what the system set me back.

  270. karmahd says:

    Indy and Rose my hobbys value is about 10 cents on the dollar as to value now. If I had that money I could live for 6 months… OH well it is paid for and nobody can take it, other than a robber, which would be a very bad move LOL

  271. karmahd says:

    Ohio agreed, we all are pissed, anxious, upset, broke, have little hope for real change. it is a malaise!!!!

  272. rosehips says:

    karma it was a nightmare. The bids were over $500 altogether, and that was after I discovered that I got ripped off and the guy never fixed them! So I revised the auctions and still got that much. But the toner amp was garbage and the guy had never even opened it up. I had to give a refund for that. So with the $100 plus rip off, and the refund, I probably made less than $200 off it. The italian guy didn’t realize he needed an adaptor so I hope he got one. The guy with the amp was happy. Even though it had some problems, it was as described and he was pleased. It was a total nightmare. UPS switched the packages and they had to be rerouted. It took two weeks! I don’t think that particular deal was worth it with all the headaches. So I rambled on…..

  273. Indycoltsfan says:

    rose , whats the model number on your amp. Mine is an integrated amp too. I wonder if we have the same one. I think mine is a kenwood 8007 and I have the matching tuner which is an 8006.

  274. karmahd says:

    Get the Led out Rose, (ramble on) well 200 bucks is better than a stick in the eye!

  275. karmahd says:

    OK I have to work will check back later

  276. Indycoltsfan says:

    ohio, sound like all hell is breaking loose over there.

  277. rosehips says:

    indy, it’s a ka-60. not top of the line but like I said, it only cost 3 bucks and it’s loud.
    My sansui is an AU 70. The guy bought it when he was in Nam and set it up in his barracks.
    I’ve seen these models go for $900 on ebay. But not anymore. I bought it for $60 and had it fixed for cheap. It in excellent shape and sounds great.

  278. rosehips says:

    I forget the Kenwood I bought in high school K-1000 maybe.

  279. ohiobelle says:

    Indy, it really is. They’ve broken into banks that got a bailout and they’re fighting the cops. There has to be 20-30 thousand people in the streets.

  280. rosehips says:

    broken into banks? oh my.

  281. rosehips says:

    well, I should go. Back to rl. see you all later!

  282. Indycoltsfan says:

    Rose, Old kenwoods have balls. I remember when I first bought it home and hooked it up to my cheap pioneer speakers and I blew them out that night without any problem. LOL!!!

  283. ohiobelle says:

    Yea, they broke the glass of the Switzerland Bank. The cops were inside to stop them from causing any more damage.

  284. Indycoltsfan says:

    see ya

  285. ohiobelle says:

    I know I haven’t been around too long today but I will check in later. I’ve got to work in the yard for a little bit.

  286. rosehips says:

    ok, I didn’t stay away long.
    I just read this by sarkozy:

    what he says in the end about africa and other third world countries I especially agree with him on. They are the ultimate victims of this economic crisis. I am afraid for what will happen to them.

    There is also a good article about how the “King” (Mervyn King) of banking in Britain may have the greatest impact on world economics. Interesting stuff. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ann-pettifor/dispatches-from-the-g-20_b_181495.html

  287. rosehips says:

    have fun in the yard belle! It’s still too cold for me to get out in my yard or garden. I did clean up nicely on a warm day last week. Storm debris was all over the place. My garlic is coming up nicely and I have spinich planted. Now it needs to warm up! Brrr….

  288. rosehips says:

    well, this site is slow today. vf, where have you gone? You must check this latest by indy609. It is a riot. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-238528

  289. mimimimi2009 says:

    rose.. I know it is of your interest.. check this ireporter’s 2 reports:

  290. rosehips says:

    thanks mimi, I’ll take a look. This should be appreciated by all banned and outraged ireporters alike. lol.

  291. mimimimi2009 says:

    thanks rose… lol…very appropriate post..

  292. arlenearmy says:

    Darn those folks in Europe are are getting violent. Im still trying to determine if Obama is gonna be a success at that G meeting.

    China is already flexing its muscles. America is backed against the wall. China is scarfing up all the oil & that country is about the only 1 that has the most money. I am a patriot & don’t like the idea of us eating China crow.

  293. karmahd says:

    How come I cannot see the comments on Indys post?? can any of you? Roses link

  294. rosehips says:

    yeah arlene, time to invest in chinese currency. scary….

  295. rosehips says:

    the comment function is buggy karma. just keep refreshing.

  296. rosehips says:

    the riots were predictable. I’m reading the book Collapse and its so typical of how things go down when there are environmental catastrophies and food shortages.

  297. arlenearmy says:

    rose … I want us to keep our own currency. Its that China is acting like they are the imperialist and not us. I want US to keep its imperialist status.

  298. karmahd says:

    OK I got through, lots of pissed off people on Ireport, and Europe as well. Did you see Pres Obama, he looked like some real crap was going down, he was way stressed out today. I think things might be getting out of hand here.

  299. arlenearmy says:

    I think that Obama or any other US president should avoid areas of the world where there’s out of control riots. It dangerous. And Michelle should had stayed in US. This could be worst than the shoe throwing incident that Bush was subjected to. Don’t get me wrong, I wont cry if a shoe hit Obama on the head. If I said otherwise, would anyone believe me ?

  300. rosehips says:

    the sh!t is hitting the fan!

  301. rosehips says:

    lol arlene, nope wouldn’t buy you shedding tears over a soul imprint on obama’s noggin.

    don’t forget oakland. it can get out of hand here and it just might.

  302. rosehips says:

    stock market up? no foolin’

  303. karmahd says:

    He is covered, nobody will get to him trust me. The market was up on the housing numbers I hear I have not had time to check the financials yet. Where in the hell is VF???

  304. VotingFemale says:

    I am here…
    I had to go do something…

  305. rosehips says:

    maybe vf got hit by conficker?

  306. karmahd says:

    OK you get my mail?????

  307. rosehips says:

    there you are…something? lol.

  308. karmahd says:

    OK this must be a inside joke “something” I can only guess!!

  309. VotingFemale says:

    just found it… you have a reply

  310. rosehips says:

    inside joke karma? yep. sort of. lol.

    ohiobelle just posted this: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-238588

  311. arlenearmy says:

    I was under the impression that 1 of purpose of G20 meeting was to get some things accomplished. What got accomplished ? Well, Karma, you know how Obama love to flaunt the “rock star” stuff & do his soulful strut & wave to the crowds. Has he dont that yet on this trip?

    Financial —- Up 152.68 at closing bell.

  312. rosehips says:

    big day today….ted stevens off the hook, obama meets the queen, riots in london, what else? oh a teenager put naked pics of herself on the web! lol.

  313. rosehips says:

    there obama goes talking about young people buying homes again.

  314. arlenearmy says:

    They said that Obama shook the queen’s hand in an inappropriate way.

    While Obama & his woman are in Europe surrounded by rioters; leader in Middle East threatens to bomb D.C.

  315. rosehips says:

    inappropriately? did he do a fist bump?

  316. arlenearmy says:

    No he didnt do the bump thing. He did the rub thing. He grasped her with both his hands. That was too affectionate or getting too chummy w/the Queen.

  317. arlenearmy says:

    It was short of grabbing that queen & hugging & giving her short kiss. You know how Obama does things. He’s too touchy.. rubbing on backs. With the Queen he better conduct himself in a dignified manner.

  318. rosehips says:

    you’d think he’d know the protocol and show respect. well it’s his way of telling her who rules. haaahaaa

  319. VotingFemale says:

    Arlene, that would be Baitullah Mehsud, a Taliban leader who is upset over Predator UVAC attacks with Hellfire missiles on his buddies yesterday.
    His buddies are now with Allah. And now Baitullah Mehsud says he wants Obama to join them and will carry out “an attack that will amaze people around the world” on the White House and “other” targets in Washington, DC.

    Mean while terrorists are going to be released from Gitmo and set free within the US.

    The Inmates (Obama&Co) Are Running the Asylum.

    I was started on a new blog post about it all and get called away from the computer.

  320. karmahd says:

    A big ollleeee belly laugh on the fist bump comment Rose LOLOLOL

  321. rosehips says:

    I just found out that there will be a tea party near me on April 15. I may have to go undercover. hehehehe

  322. karmahd says:

    Maybe the chant should be Wheres George

  323. VotingFemale says:

    In other news…. March 2009 Job cuts (not including Federal layoffs yet) equaled 742 thousand people. That is just the number for March 2009.

  324. VotingFemale says:

    Lets all design a protest sign for rose!!!!!

    rosehips says

    I just found out that there will be a tea party near me on April 15. I may have to go undercover. hehehehe

  325. rosehips says:

    yeah vf, karma posted a link about that. It’s bad news.

  326. rosehips says:

    would love it vf! lol

  327. rosehips says:

    Where’s george karma? King George? lol.

  328. VotingFemale says:

    Rose’s sign–> Impeach Obama, the FIGJAM DUMBASS!


  329. rosehips says:

    re: my sign….I was thinking about something that plays on “all the tea in China” but have not been able to come up with anything that sounds good.

  330. karmahd says:

    Rose Sign “I am kind of against Obama if that is OK” LOLOLOLOLO

  331. rosehips says:

    oh yes vf, the locals would make me their new spokesperson. lol.

  332. rosehips says:

    lol karma,, crackin’ up!

  333. VotingFemale says:

    Did Obama french kiss the Queen?

  334. rosehips says:

    My son showed up to a high school walkout protest against police abuse a couple years ago. He was already out of high school and just happened to be in Spokane. He made a sign that said “Hug a Cop”…the hs kids were confused. They didn’t know what to make of him. I thought it was funny.

  335. VotingFemale says:

    Oh that is just sooooo Rosie!!!!!
    I love it!!!!

    karmahd suggested:

    Rose Sign “I am kind of against Obama if that is OK” LOLOLOLOLO

  336. rosehips says:

    that is NOT so rosie….what are you talkin’ about? lol.

  337. rosehips says:

    I’m gonna have one that says “Give the King All Your Tea!!!!”

  338. VotingFemale says:

    One of Rose’s past protest signs…

    KFC tortures Chickens!

  339. rosehips says:

    maybe i’ll make a sign “Hug a Democrat” lol

  340. karmahd says:

    Save the Snipe

  341. rosehips says:

    nope it was “KFC tortures Rats” lol.

  342. karmahd says:

    Rose that was Taco Bell!

  343. VotingFemale says:

    Rose sign:

    Amnesty for Obama
    He Can’t Help It
    He is the product of
    a broken Home!

  344. rosehips says:

    I went to a protest in NYC, midweek, where we stopped traffic in the diamond district. We were chanting “Diamonds for South Africa, Not For the Imperialist Nations”
    no lie. We went down the sides streets where all the huddled up diamond dealers, many of them orthodox jews, were inspecting their diamonds with their magnifiers. It was quite a lesson. I’ll never forget it.

  345. karmahd says:

    Another one bites the dust, baap baap baaap dum de dum de dmmmmmmm


  346. rosehips says:

    Taco bell? I thought that was a chihauhua?

  347. arlenearmy says:

    BRB … Glenn Becks on.

  348. karmahd says:

    it was snipe at taco bell, got to hop in the shower, be back later tonight, looks like Ireport is getting tough on critics of their policy. GOOD

  349. rosehips says:

    that was an interesting thread karma!
    lots of chatter on ireports. I’m going outside. alert me to any juicy ones!

  350. VotingFemale says:

    greywolfbb proved his point… he is now banned.

    That will chill the iReport waters even more…

  351. karmahd says:

    Yep, wow I turned on Fox and started to listen to Glen Beck, since I kind of like his humor. We are in for one fun ride over the next four years!!! According to him Russia and China wants to have a world currency and international law will supersede the constitution interesting premise!!!!!

  352. VotingFemale says:

    Glen Beck is Obama’s national television fearless critic and calls it spot on.

    It would not surprise me if a contract is put out on Beck.

  353. karmahd says:

    To public to take out, possibly an accident but not overtly. I like his style, you have mail.

  354. VotingFemale says:

    you got reply lol

  355. ohiobelle says:

    What have I missed?? I tried reading through the comments but easier to just ask.

  356. VotingFemale says:

    oh gee.. Belle… this has been a very busy news day… none of it good for Obama except perhaps the gift he gave to the Queen of England… I think he finally managed to give a gift that works

  357. VotingFemale says:

    Senator Stevens conviction was overturned…

    seem the prosecutors withheld vital evidence that cleared Stevens…

  358. ohiobelle says:

    I was just reading greywolfs report. Did he get banne for that?? Too bad if he did.

    Tons of news today! Where should I begin?? Baracks aunt won’t be deported or the double fist shake down given from Barack to the Queen??

  359. ohiobelle says:

    What about China’s new weapon to bring down our missles?? Paid for by the taxpayers of the United States of America!

  360. ohiobelle says:

    What about our government keeping the death tax after the 2010 exp date? They’ll get 45% value of our property after we are gone. They figured during a crisis what not a good time to kill this bill which was the original plan.

  361. VotingFemale says:

    Cardinal George of the Catholic Church publicly whacked Notre Dame for inviting Obama to speak there and called on Catholics to call and write the school and let them have it.

    Obama is not wanted because of his legslative permissiveness of this…

    caution… it might shock and seriously upset you to view this link so think twice before you click it… there are pictures of dead aborted babies…
    I mean it… not kidding.


  362. ohiobelle says:

    Good for the Cardinal.

    We now have a date for North Korea launch? April 15th. I wonder it that will be before or after the new terrorist warning on the White House??

  363. ohiobelle says:

    This is fun.

    The newest terrorist warning is for the White House. The Pakistani Taliban leader said he was not deterred by the U.S. bounty on his head. He said, “I wish to die and embrace martyrdom”. He said he plans on bombing the White House soon.

  364. ohiobelle says:

    sorry typo, he plans on bombing not blames on bombing.

  365. VotingFemale says:

    yeah to occur on the late founder Kim Il Sung’s April 15th birthday.

  366. VotingFemale says:

    I fixed it for you…

  367. ohiobelle says:

    Oh dear god, thank you for the warning. See this is a tough subject for me. I am for abortions if done early for reasons such as rape or if something is wrong with the child. I am against late abortions or using abortions as means of birth control.

  368. ohiobelle says:

    vf, Kim Il Sung’s April 15th birthday?? I did not know that. hmm… I honestly think we are sitting ducks right now.

  369. VotingFemale says:

    I think we have been for a long time… and N. Korea probably supplied the icbm Iran used to put a sat into orbit.

  370. VotingFemale says:

    Details are emerging about a Chinese-developed “kill weapon” that potentially could target and destroy a U.S. aircraft carrier in a single strike.

    The U.S. Naval Institute, a pro-military organization, notes that a post on a Chinese blog considered credible by military analysts provides a description of an anti-ship ballistic missile that could hit U.S. ships from about 1,240 miles.

    A senior U.S. Navy official at the Pentagon confirmed to FOX News that such a weapon is a tangible threat from China, but it isn’t a new threat. And the U.S. Navy has systems, such as the Aegis missile defense system, that can counter the threat posed by the Chinese missile.

    The size of the missile, according to the U.S. Naval Institute, allows a warhead large enough to inflict significant damage on an American super carrier in a single strike, and it raises the chances of evading tracking systems and reaching its moving target unscathed in less than 12 minutes.

    In recent months, the U.S. Navy’s strategy has shifted toward improving the capabilities of its deep-sea fleet and developing anti-ballistic defenses, the U.S. Naval Institute reports.

  371. ohiobelle says:

    Well at least the government has provided us with a website if we feel the need to kill ourselves. At least they learned something from the great depression. lol

  372. ohiobelle says:

    Well maybe the CEO of the United States of America needs to pay more attention to “kill weapons” and less on the auto industry.

  373. VotingFemale says:

    so… if Korea has that system… then uses the icbm launch as a bait to shoot it down… it can then test the chinese “kill missile” system out on the ship/s that shoot down the ICBM.

  374. ohiobelle says:

    So what about that video of Biden’s daughter?? I can’t get info but if Palin’s daughter was a target then it’s fair game.

  375. VotingFemale says:

    We now live in a time of extremes…

  376. ohiobelle says:

    vf, I suppose it could… hmm

  377. ohiobelle says:

    Did you give a special shout out to Barney Fudd yesterday?? It was his birthday…

  378. VotingFemale says:

    Washington lawyer Thomas Dunlap is under fire for attempting to sell a video of Ashley Biden, the 27-year-old daughter of Joe Biden, allegedly snorting lines of cocaine at a Delaware party last month.

    The New York Post claims that Dunlap showed it 90 seconds of the 43-minute tape, which purportedly shows Ashley doing lines of coke with a red straw in front of witnesses and later shouting “Shut the F– Up!” The newspaper reported that the seller wanted $2 million before dropping his price to $400,000.


  379. VotingFemale says:

    he explosive video that purports to show Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley snorting cocaine was shot with a hidden camera, RadarOnline.com has learned.

    And as the scandal grows, the lawyer trying to peddle the tape while representing the man who shot it has quit.

    Tom Dunlap, an attorney for the Washington, D.C. firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver has dropped the seller of the tape as a client.

    Click here to read the exclusive report of the tape and its contents.

    Dunlap told RadarOnline.com early Sunday that he is no longer involved in the attempted sale of the video and informed his client he would not continue to represent him. The lawyer said he did not want to be involved due to circumstances surrounding the publicity of the matter.

    On Saturday, RadarOnline.com broke the story that a video showing a woman who is allegedly Ashley Biden snorting cocaine has been shopped to several media entities. The woman on the tape appears identical to 27-year-old Ashley.

  380. ohiobelle says:

    vf, that’s awesome!! Too bad it’s Bidens daughter. My parents just recently met him at their church and they said he was really a great guy (they still don’t support his politics). They said he stayed after the service to shake everyones hand. But news is news.

  381. VotingFemale says:

    I celebrated Fudd’s BD with Glen Beck lol

    ohiobelle says

    Did you give a special shout out to Barney Fudd yesterday?? It was his birthday…

  382. ohiobelle says:

    You know if that was Palins daughter it would be front page news! I wonder why people aren’t talking about this??

  383. ohiobelle says:

    vf, me too hahaha.

    vf said:
    I celebrated Fudd’s BD with Glen Beck lol

  384. VotingFemale says:

    lol Belle… the Media attack the daughter of a Socialist? surely you just! hahahahahahaha

    ohiobelle says

    You know if that was Palins daughter it would be front page news! I wonder why people aren’t talking about this??

  385. ohiobelle says:

    I plan on celebrating again tonight with a little Buddy Weiser… lol

  386. VotingFemale says:

    I did earlier with a root beer lol
    burp… oppsie!

    ohiobelle wrote:

    I plan on celebrating again tonight with a little Buddy Weiser… lol

  387. ohiobelle says:

    Did you watch Beck tonight? If so, what did you think?

  388. rosehips says:

    hi girls! I can’t stay on but I read some of the thread. What is happening? April 15 attack? That’s my tea party day!
    the boy has work to do here and I still never figured out what I need to connect my laptop. 🙂

  389. VotingFemale says:

    I watched it…. and he didn’t even cover all the breaking news about what is going on…

    News today… small bank was FORCED to accept TARP funds in late 2008 which they resisted… only under threat of public trashing of their name and an all out audit assault which they were confident would find nothing wrong but would cost them millions in man hours of work to comply with all the documentation… finally agreed to issue special bonds to the government in exchange for the money… bonds requiring payment of 5% interest annually on money they did not want.

    In March Geithner, citing a 2% government ownership of the bank, started telling the bank what they could and could not do and that they are under government control… his control.

    I have it DVRed it all from Foxnews… but am awaiting web confirmation from other sources before I do a post on it…

  390. ohiobelle says:

    Hello Rosehips!

    VF, didn’t we already know the banks were forced to take the TARP money? Didn’t that already come out with Wells Fargo?

    I was stunned when Fudd said that if you aren’t with them then they will be fired and replaced with people that will do what they ask.

  391. VotingFemale says:

    Cigarette tax of $0.62 a pack went into effect today… and it hurt the poor… just another Obama idea to attempt control people.

  392. ohiobelle says:

    Beck said tonight that he believes this is not socialism but fascism.

  393. ohiobelle says:

    I thought Barack said he wasn’t going to raise taxes??? This is just another example of the lies our CEO has told us.

  394. VotingFemale says:

    Socialist Fascism is what it is.

    The two are not mutually exclusive.


  395. ohiobelle says:

    Oh yea and another of Baracks picks for his administration failed the vetting process… go figure, she didn’t pay her taxes!!

  396. VotingFemale says:

    gee… taxes are only for the little people… not Socialist politicians.

  397. ohiobelle says:

    vf, That was a great read. You are research queen!

  398. ohiobelle says:

    vf, I swear I want them all vetted!! I gotta know!

    I would love to stick around but I’ve got to call it a night. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Thanks for the conversation.

  399. ohiobelle says:

    before I go, I just logged off ireports and I noticed that auntie must be getting desperate for ideas. Her new post is Lincoln talks to Obama… hmm I wonder where she got that idea from??

    Have a nice night.

  400. arlenearmy says:

    Reason why the news are not making a front paging Biden daughter like they do Palin’s daughter is obvioius. Ashley daddy is a democrat & Bristol’s mama is a Republican. Even OReilly was tip toeing around the subject matter last night.

    If I were the seller of that tape, I would not drop the price. No way in hell !! I would sell it to the highest bidder. VERY HIGH.

  401. M2Elena says:

    gah, auntiebjw or whatever always annoyed me with her ireports mirroring honest issue probing reports.

    OK, they just said on TV, Obama gave the Queen of GB,… an iPod.

    What is wrong with these people???? It’s embarrassing.

  402. karmahd says:

    M2 it had his song from Wi I am on there. Don’t quite know what to make of the most commented list on Ireport, very weak day from the looks of it. The odd thing is tons of views but not many comments?? Nothing outstanding or new as usual, same ole shit. Nothing about the riots in England, the switch to a world currency, Geithner gaff about testifying in front of the Banking committee one day and stating with Bernakie no world currency, then stating the very next day its in the works. I am becoming depress, maybe being so close to the news everyday is a cause for the malaise. This sucks and most seem blind to it?? I am totally perplexed, mind control at its best, ahhhhhh

  403. karmahd says:

    A little light reading before bed…

    Alinsky advises his followers that the poor have no power and that the real target is the middle class: “Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America’s white middle class. That is where the power is. … Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt. They are right; but we must begin from where we are if we are to build power for change, and the power and the people are in the middle class majority.”

  404. karmahd says:

    Wow Alinsky was the model or I should say it was his model used in the last grass roots election. Also our friend Hillary Clinton wrote here thesis on Saul and was an ardent follower. She chose a different path but the foundation of her political career was in that premise. The light is begging to shine here.

  405. karmahd says:

    • “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.” (Think Gingrich, Lott and the success of name-calling used by the likes of Bill Clinton, Paul Begala, James Carville, Maxine Waters and others against conservatives and Republicans. Think of how Clinton “enemies” like Paula Jones or Linda Tripp were treated.)

  406. karmahd says:

    “What I have to say in this book is not the arrogance of unsolicited advice. It is the experience and counsel that so many young people have questioned me about through all-night sessions on hundreds of campuses in America. It is for those young radicals who are committed to the fight, committed to life.” In the first chapter, opening paragraph Alinsky writes, “What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away”

  407. karmahd says:

    “There’s another reason for working inside the AHHHH HAAAA… I now know why I feel the way I do, its a plan!!!
    Dostoevski said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future

  408. karmahd says:

    Well what do you think Karma, jeeze I dont know Karma I wish I had someone to talk to about all this but they go to bed too early, OH well Karma you have to understand most people sleep more than 4 hours a night like you, OK I got is Karma….

    God this Karma guy is smart!!!!

  409. rosehips says:

    karma, i’m reading!

  410. rosehips says:

    hang on buddy, lol.

  411. karmahd says:

    Read the stuff I posted above it really does outline the plan not only for Pres O, but for the radicals on Ireport. the posts started at 10:45, Ok I am done talking to myself going to watch the booob tubbbe

  412. rosehips says:

    i’m reading it now.

  413. rosehips says:

    ahhh you’re leaving?

  414. karmahd says:

    I am back I did not think anybody was home!!!

  415. karmahd says:

    Nev said a1001 words got cut tonight, Arlene said he was still there??

  416. rosehips says:

    hey, he’s been gone before….he’ll be back.

  417. rosehips says:

    did she know why?

  418. rosehips says:

    I stay clear of him…

  419. karmahd says:

    He is still there?? is anyone here I am tired tonight from raking up 8 large bags of leafs, cutting the lawn and trying to fix my pool pump, ohh what is a capitalist to do!!! other than broke that is

  420. karmahd says:

    He is a bit brusk

  421. rosehips says:

    can’t you see me karma? lol

  422. karmahd says:

    Whatcha think about Saul, interesting and almost a perfect outline of the current administration

  423. karmahd says:

    I see you now booger boo

  424. rosehips says:

    yeah, he did have it outlined and it seems to be all falling into place. where did you get the info? do you have the book?

  425. karmahd says:

    No but I was thinking about buying it, Google is a wonderful tool, it is like a puzzle I just keep putting the pieces together, one step leads to the next

  426. karmahd says:

    you see the comment count tonight, people are really backing off the abuse if you ask me they are worried they will get slashed.

  427. nevenera1 says:

    hey all, sorry about the rumor I heard it from another ireporter worried she might be next!

    Hey all, hope you are all doing ok 🙂

    I was a little odd, I had encounters and conversations with pretty much everyone regardless of views.

    The views didn’t really matter too much to me, it was the people I was interested in. So I sometimes loose track of who does not like whom 😉 Sorry about that!

    karma, rose are you going to the roundtable tomorrow?

    Anyhow night all, gotta get up way too early tomorrow.

  428. arlenearmy says:

    Im still up.. Farmer brown hubby had worked me outside. Now he wants chickens. I tilled for the garden again, and now he tells me that its not straight.

  429. rosehips says:

    do you think they’ll offer amnesty. I’m not the only one calling for it.

  430. arlenearmy says:

    Where is VF today. She must be busy.

  431. karmahd says:

    Yes I will be in attendance, dont really have much to say, like I said on your post I am kind of burned out on Ireport, not the thrill it once was

  432. nevenera1 says:

    hey rose, checking in on you, but can’t 5str you 🙂

  433. rosehips says:

    nev, I will try to make that meeting. I have noticed people are starting to realize what ireports is missing with so many of the outspoken voices gone.

  434. rosehips says:

    lol, glad no stars. 😉

  435. arlenearmy says:

    That round table is nothing but a groupie meeting. i went to it but sat & watched.

  436. nevenera1 says:

    I felt the same before I was booted I could sense where things were going… I didn’t like it

    I hope the understand that this is as bad as letting things get too crazy.

    There has to be a happy medium

  437. karmahd says:

    Guys the Karma is out of steam tonight, it was 80+ here today and I worked my butt off, now if that would only happen on my belly I would be happy. Gonna hit the haystack, see ya’s in the morning… Read my stuff about Saul Alinski above

  438. nevenera1 says:

    night all,
    Have to rise and shine in 5 hrs lol!

  439. rosehips says:

    I’m gonna see if my library has Rules for Radicals. I have to finish Collapse. It’s fat and a bit of a slow read, but so interesting. So many parrallels the author draws to the current situation. I want to read the book mimi recommends too.

  440. arlenearmy says:

    Alright Nev … have a nice night. I gotta hit the sack myself.

  441. rosehips says:

    night arlene, I’m gonna go read and sleep early out here.

  442. arlenearmy says:

    Night rose …. and rest of yall..

  443. voice27 says:

    Everyone is going to bed so early… I just got home?

  444. joel707 says:

    Anybody here?

  445. arlenearmy says:

    Yep.. Im still here finishing up on email & going back & forth. Medicine haven’t kicked in yet 🙂

  446. joel707 says:

    Arlene, I have a question, go to my post.

  447. arlenearmy says:

    Im going to your blog now.

  448. VotingFemale says:

    Dear… these news issues are historical… chickens that will come home to roost in due course. Right now many are hoping Obama will straighten out… he isn’t going to… and eventually the walls will cave in on Obama as his approval rate goes in the toilet permanently when their hope is abandoned. Promising the poor something for nothing is the oldest con in politics… and each generation has to learn that lesson the hard way. They want to believe.

    KarmaHD wrote: I am becoming depress, maybe being so close to the news everyday is a cause for the malaise. This sucks and most seem blind to it?? I am totally perplexed, mind control at its best, ahhhhhh

  449. rosehips says:

    good morning VF et al! There is new snow on the ground here in NE Wash. I am ready for Spring already! This is ridiculous!

  450. VotingFemale says:

    Morning Rose!

    Yeah, it snows here even in May… the good news though… it won’t stick around for long… melts off pretty fast.

  451. Indycoltsfan says:

    Godd Morning VF, I can’t believe what I heard on the news yesterday. Obama gave the Queen of England an ipod. Do you believe that? A f%%king ipod. How ghetto! You give an ipod as a gift to your children not the Queen of England. The news says she has one anyway. LOL! This guy is becoming a national disgrace and we are becoming the laughing stock of the world. I had a rant about it on bonbonnies bigotry post last night and cnn removed my comments. I’ve been checking my e-mail waiting for my banning notice from davidw. LOL!!!

  452. rosehips says:

    indy, you are too funny. the ipod was clever and it was loaded with a video of the queen. I’m sure she got a kick out of it. That’s all that matters. Let people laugh. This is just a diversion away from the very pressing issues at the G20. There are some interesting dynamics going on there. Did you notice the Brazilian president got to sit next to the Queen in the photo op?

  453. Indycoltsfan says:

    rose, good morning. Too bad you missed my rant on bonbonnies bigotry post. It was a hoot. I suppose cnn didn’t think it was too funny because they removed my comments. LOL!!

  454. rosehips says:

    gm indy. I will have to check it out. I almost left a comment on that post last night. I saw that you had left one and decided I better stay out of it. I’d probably be on the list with you too!

  455. Indycoltsfan says:

    Hello All. read this anns rant on her website: http://www.anncoulter.com/

  456. m2elena says:

    Karma, your responding to comment from 10:45 pm:

    The difference between Obama’s operation and Alinsky’s (and I’ve been reading/researching this since last summer), is that he replaced the “poor” with the “middleclass”. That is how he swayed/played the election. So if you replace what Saul characterized as “middleclass” with “rich”, I bet things will sharpen and focus, as this is exactly their “tactic” and how they keep an iron grip.

    karmahd wrote:

    Alinsky advises his followers that the poor have no power and that the real target is the middle class: “Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America’s white middle class. That is where the power is. … Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt. They are right; but we must begin from where we are if we are to build power for change, and the power and the people are in the middle class majority.”

  457. m2elena says:

    I mean “I’m responding to your commnet” …. whoopsie.

  458. Indycoltsfan says:

    Hello All, check out lisatx’s new post . http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-238737

  459. rosehips says:

    hi m2, it looks like there will be a new global dynasty. The King is dead, long live the wtf?

  460. rosehips says:

    I just posted an ireport about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling against protecting fish if it costs too much. I got a hostile reaction from “antipc” This might be someone to recruit for this site. I don’t think I should do it though. lol!

  461. VotingFemale says:

    …Buiter added that Obama’s assessment appeared to be “a coded way of asking for more fiscal stimulus from the rest of the world.”

  462. rosehips says:

    well I just hope all the countries realize and agree that if we don’t try to mitigate climate change, the world economy will crumble and civil unrest will continue….exponentially.

  463. VotingFemale says:

    Most of us factually know the Socialist politicians engineered the economic collapse… then they try to cover their tracks… and foreign leaders are not stupid… they know what is what and who is whom and who did what and when and why.

    …in a joint news conference with Merkel, Sarkozy seemed to back away from earlier threats to walk out of the summit if his priorities were not addressed. He repeated earlier statements blaming the United States for causing the crisis, which, he noted, “did not start in Europe.” Both leaders said they have launched government spending programs to boost their economies — though their efforts, according to the IMF, have fallen short of other governments including the United States, China and Japan. Both leaders said the world should not expect more.

  464. rosehips says:

    where’s karma? I thought you said you only sleep 4 hours karma?

    I enjoyed reading karma’s comments on saul allinski. It does seem like things have been designed. These are historic days we are living. What will happen next?

  465. VotingFemale says:

    Hey Indy!!!

    yeah… an ipod for the Queen of England

    Well… she fixed his cheap wagon…
    she saw his ipod and gave him an autographed picture of herself for his trouble


    Seems… CNN is now banning without a notice…
    they did that to me… I emailed them to see if it was a software glitch…

    only then did davidw say anything about it.

    Indycoltsfan says

    Godd Morning VF, I can’t believe what I heard on the news yesterday. Obama gave the Queen of England an ipod. Do you believe that? A f%%king ipod. How ghetto! You give an ipod as a gift to your children not the Queen of England. The news says she has one anyway. LOL! This guy is becoming a national disgrace and we are becoming the laughing stock of the world. I had a rant about it on bonbonnies bigotry post last night and cnn removed my comments. I’ve been checking my e-mail waiting for my banning notice from davidw. LOL!!!

  466. VotingFemale says:

    Hi M2Elena! my posts about the G20 summit was in response to your comment and link.

    How are you today?

  467. VotingFemale says:

    lol@To promote the sales of GM vehicles, Obama says the government will stand by your GM car warranty. And all the taxpayers will get a lube job. The new GM owner’s manual will come with a disclaimer: “Close enough for government work.”

  468. rosehips says:

    lol vf, what no oil change with that lube? We should all get gov’t vouchers for regular oil and lubes so our gm engines will be running efficiently.
    The new GM manual could read:
    “Spending ‘You the Peoples’ tax dollars efficiently” lol.

  469. rosehips says:

    Still no karma?
    I was breaking out into wide grins and laughter when I was walking in town yesterday every time I thought of karma’s sign suggestion for the tea party I plan to attend. That just cracked me up. as if?

    karma said: Rose Sign “I am kind of against Obama if that is OK” LOLOLOLOLO

  470. rosehips says:

    if anyone saw me laughing, they probably thought I just got released from the asylum!

  471. m2elena says:

    I just finished a project. Feels good! I also downloaded and installed Adobe After Effects CS4, ROCK. I need to go back through these comments, VF- they multiply so fast.

    Did you say CNN was banning you? You mean on the CNN site? I tried commenting during the election and none of my comments were approved.

  472. VotingFemale says:

    I am almost done with a new post… that is where I have been… sorry

  473. rosehips says:

    m2, not much going on here this morning. I am making breakfast and working on my assignment soon.
    Great about your project! Maybe the new owners will want you to stay on.
    At least you have something new for your portfolio.

  474. rosehips says:

    I might post something on G20….

  475. m2elena says:

    check this out for a giggle, y’all…

    it’s not a 4/1 joke, I mean the vandals did blow a hole in Lenin (well as a 4/1 thing, but it’s actually real)… the Russell Brand comment makes me laugh.

  476. Indycoltsfan says:

    The one thing the government is good at is lube jobs. They like to lube you up real good before they give you the red,white,and blue weenie right where the sun don’t shine. LOL!!!

  477. VotingFemale says:

    New Blog Post

    Merrill Lynch gave $3.7 Billion in “Performance” Bonuses during $15 Billion Loss


    Let’s move over to it… shorter comment scroll.

  478. m2elena says:

    I’m gonna take the munchkin outside. Be back soon, y’all.

  479. karmahd says:

    YO!!! Just got back from breakfast, met with an old buddy, talking about some ideas to make some money. I see everyone has been active this morning!! Hey Rose, got that sign done yet. HE HE…

  480. rosehips says:

    I may end up with your suggestion karma. I’m sure it will be a hit! lol.

  481. karmahd says:

    OK we moving on to the next post??

  482. rosehips says:

    funny m2 re: blowing a hole in lenin’s @ss.

  483. VotingFemale says:

    Sarah Scares the #### out of the Socialists…

    Wink! Wink!
    You Betcha!

  484. VotingFemale says:

    Oh look out! I have discovered markups that work in comments here


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