I’m Baaack! hahahaha!!!!

ireport-tsunami1Hi Everyone and a special welcome to all my friends and foes from iReport.com.

As before, I welcome supporting and opposing views and comments.

But trolling and abuse is subject to My Censorship here. 😉

To comment on any of my articles here just click on an article title or on the article name listed under Blog Post List and it will take you to that article’s page and its comment section (newest at the top of the list).

I have turned my back on using iReport and will not look back; rather I am looking straight ahead!!! Who needs the trolls and CNN’s political censorship by their permissive wink and nod approval of Left Wing trolls and using flimsy excuses for deleting members who oppose Obama? There has been a clear shift of thinking at iReport.

Too bad… but that is their sand box. I really believe while Obama was thought to be the golden boy who could do no wrong, we who oppose Obama were tolerated and thought harmless… but now with daily Obama & Company screw ups? It is a different world. That is my thinking on that.

I will continue with my articles of fact based events with my commentary as I did at iReport and you can too! You can get started by clicking the  wordpress.com listed under Links shown on the right here.

WordPress is very similar to iReport and has a community of thousands just like iReport has. One of the huge differences is… WordPress is very feature rich thus a bit more complicated to get up to speed with but very do-able. I will be enhancing the look and feel of this website more and more as I get further up to speed but I was able to create this blog site within minutes of joining WordPress knowing nothing about it before hand and posted an article on Obama which is as mirror of my last viewable iReport.

Non-Wordpress members can leave comments, unlike iReport and like iReports you can join and have your own identity and your own website like this one, yet still be a member of the community here at the same time.

Search tags work pretty much as they do at iReport and there are blog article listings similar to Newsiest, Most Commented, etc, but with more sophistication. I am confident that getting up to speed with WordPress is the way to go.

Compared to iReport, WordPress is a whole new wonderful and rich world to say your say and make friends within the community here and view those who either support Obama or the Socialist Agenda. It is friendlier here in that you have control over people’s comments and can lock out trolls from commenting if you so wish.

iReport is easy to do and learn but the price of using it is being under the thumb of CNN who takes political sides with Obama and Pelosi ,et al, yet pretend not to.

Who needs that? I say let the Socialist iReport Trolls have iReport to themselves. What are they going to do without us? Suck their thumbs and have group prayers to their Man-God? Obama the Worshiped One?


This is a whole new ball game! 🙂 I invite you to join WordPress and move into the big leagues.

To those who left comments on the Hello World! article… very sorry your comments are gone but I needed to delete that Hello World! article as it was an automatic newbie default article and it should have been deleted right away since it really had no function after I posted my first article. I promise I appreciate your supportive comments and invite you to visit and comment away.

Again, click on an article title to begin commenting on that article.


About VotingFemale

I am a female voter, as my blog name implies. I vote for conservatives. I am a political opponent of Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.
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258 Responses to I’m Baaack! hahahaha!!!!

  1. rosehips says:

    I for one am glad you still have a forum for your opinions. Just goes to show, you can’t keep a good kitty down.

    I like the pic. I didn’t realize you were injured in your writing paw, but I imagine it is difficult to write regardless. Those sharp claws must get in the way. hahahahahaahahahaa

  2. LisaInTX says:

    Morning VF!!
    The claws are already out on your ‘ban ireport’ this morning. Seems some people are just to RUDE to be real…hahahaa

  3. votingfemale says:

    Them clawz get stuck in the carpet lol

  4. mimi2009 says:

    Hi VF! glad to see you here. Rosehip let me know of your new venture on wordpress.

    Keep bringing interesting reports!

    keep in touch, mimi

  5. votingfemale says:

    post the url for this Article and let folks see what I think of CNN’s snarky censorship and their wink and nod approval of the left wing trolls!!! hahahahaha

  6. rosehips says:

    I posted the url on ohiohelle’s report and asked her to post it in the report. 🙂

  7. LisaInTX says:

    Hahaha….they got stuck, but then left the litterbox for other venues..hahaha….I expect the claws to be extended again soon though—it’s just the nature of the beast. ;-}

  8. votingfemale says:


  9. LisaInTX says:

    It’s funny…Last night Nan gave me a ‘warning’ that I might be next to be banned…hahaha I’m really worried about that should it happen, yeah right. hahaaa ;-]

  10. votingfemale says:

    Hiya meme dear!!!! soooo good to see you!!!

    I will be back on track in regular fashion with my expose iReports. I think this venue will allow me to tone it down just a bit now that I dont have to contend with a pack of roving trolls nipping at my ankles constantly and getting me PO’ed.

  11. rosehips says:

    ha, I mistyped ohiobelle’s name. well she is a little hellion. I think I will call her ohiohelle from now on. lol!

  12. rosehips says:

    a bird just got into my house and was flying all around. Freaks me out! Luckily I opened the door and it flew right out. phew!

  13. votingfemale says:

    my claws are razor sharp! purrr…


    I have been following ohiobelle’s iReport. they are so pissed that people support me who both agree and disagree with my views and welcome differences of views and opinions and it is dripping off their comments like blood off fangs lol

    That they expose themselves as trolls is so obvious…

  14. votingfemale says:
  15. votingfemale says:

    rosehips? how did the bird get in your house? Glad neither of were were too frightened… and he or she was able to get out without getting hurt. what kind was it?

  16. rosehips says:

    I think there is a small hole in the eaves that I have never bothered to patch. It is not the first time I’ve had birds in here. The kind of bird? It was a flying kind. lol. I’m not sure, it may have been a robin or a flicker. It thrashed around a bit, hitting windows, but was still flying strong when it went out the door.

  17. rosehips says:

    here’s a new ireport condemning discrimination against ireporters. It is a blatantly racist post with a civil rights photo. I’m sure you will appreciate it. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-233225

  18. ohiobelle says:

    Ladies this is great! Welcome back votingfemale!

  19. ohiobelle says:

    Ohiohelle! I love it.

  20. votingfemale says:

    yeah, he muddled his message with the “rag-head” slur…
    you might want to point that out specifically… millions of arabs are very sweet everyday people… as are many Americans are though we are all painted with the same broad brush by many around the world based on regional biases.

  21. votingfemale says:

    Better patch the hole… birds are looking for nesting areas.

  22. rosehips says:

    well, I think it should be obvious, but I will revisit and see if he responds.

  23. votingfemale says:

    OHIOBELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS DEAR!!!!!!!

  24. votingfemale says:

    yes, I am back online! yaa HOOO!

    It’s up to you but… If you wish you can edit your iReport and add the direct link to this report:


  25. ohiobelle says:

    I would love to do that for you. My fear is Auntie and that idiot Harvey will jump in haha. Those two are on my last nerve.

  26. rosehips says:

    ohiohelle good morning!

  27. rosehips says:

    belle, if they do, they will see your comment and then we might get some real action around here. lol.

  28. rosehips says:

    and belle, don’t go raising your blood pressure!

  29. ohiobelle says:

    The link has been added to my post!!

  30. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehhips, the yoga is working. Blood pressure is under control.

    I wonder what CNN will say about the link?

  31. votingfemale says:

    well you can be sure they have, or will, seize on rosehips post of the main url for my blog. Their hatred runs a thick as molasses on a cold spring morning.

  32. votingfemale says:

    a link is a link… what are they going to say? they are probably happy to see I have no interest in sneaking back in. Who needs to? And for sure once my blog presence at wordpress is will known and distributed amongst the iReport community those who hate me will be like moths to a flame… they can not silence me and my publishing my views. and that has got to really PO them to no end.

  33. ohiobelle says:

    Sorry for typo rosehips.

    I really hope that link gets around. Maybe I will do an entire post, title: Cat Found.

  34. ohiobelle says:

    I really want to stick around but I have to get ready for a surprise birthday party for one of my friends, 40 years old!! Should be a great time. I will be making this site my new home. Congrats VF! Thank you rosehips for the information.

  35. votingfemale says:

    ohiobelle here you can edit your comments…

  36. rosehips says:

    ohio, re: yoga. Good for you! yoga is a wonderful thing. I should do it myself. I am out of practice.

    vf, is it against the terms to link to a url? I didn’t think so although I know there have been issues with it.

  37. votingfemale says:

    That would be funny beyond words!!!!

  38. votingfemale says:

    not at all a problem… it is allowed and done daily.

  39. ohiobelle says:

    I will do the cat found post sometime this afternoon. I think that is funny as hell.

  40. rosehips says:

    vf how do you edit a comment?

  41. votingfemale says:

    The only issues I ever saw were complaints that people were linking other reports with a report and davis said it was ok… even auntie said that on your VF-post comment log.

  42. votingfemale says:

    oh… I guess you cant see the comment edit button unless you join WordPress.

  43. votingfemale says:

    Gads that would be a riot!!!

  44. votingfemale says:

    What do you trhink of the graphic of this Report, belle??

    I laughed when I found it this morning!
    The iReport tsunami comes for the kitty cat!

  45. rosehips says:

    shucks, I am still hoping to hear back from rosehips and see if she will let me have the name. I am too attached to my name to part with it. Maybe I should change it to rosehippy. what d’ya think?

  46. rosehips says:

    I find following the threads to be difficult on this site. The comments are hard to find see sometimes. I’m not sold on this format. Maybe it will grow on me. I like blogspot.com much better. Did you not like the features/format there, vf?

  47. votingfemale says:

    dang… I could dub you Rosie O’Hips!

  48. votingfemale says:

    how about rosiehips?

  49. rosehips says:

    well re: “Rosie O’Hips, that came to my mind when I read it on your comment that got you banned from ireports.

  50. votingfemale says:

    that is because of the layout I picked… there are many layouts and some with much better comment following and reading. This ones is a bit bland and sorta difficult to follow the comments… I have been scouting around and found some themes that are great! makes this theme look like poo-poo… all in time.

  51. rosehips says:

    nothing grabs me like rosehips. sigh.

  52. rosehips says:

    well get crackin’!

  53. votingfemale says:

    you will see the “theme name at the bottom below the leave comment box just below “FotingFemail’s Blog” it is called “Andreas04” by Andreas Viklund who ever that is.

  54. votingfemale says:

    hahaha no rest for the weary!

  55. rosehips says:

    FotingFemail? what’s wrong with your fingers. or is it your mind?

  56. rosehips says:

    wow, that was quick!!!!

  57. rosehips says:

    this one hurts my eyes. please make it go away.

  58. votingfemale says:


  59. rosehips says:

    it’s better though. i like the comments inclosed in a box

  60. votingfemale says:

    just an example of the power of wordpress

  61. rosehips says:

    but the words are seriously blurry!

  62. votingfemale says:

    I like that better… shopping for just the right theme takes time… there are so many. I will eventually find just the right one for me.

  63. votingfemale says:

    mmmm…. ok let me find another one… brb

  64. rosehips says:

    well let me know when you change it. I contrast makes my eyes hurt and I have been on the computer for way too many hours the past few days.

  65. votingfemale says:


  66. votingfemale says:

    how is this one?

  67. rosehips says:

    I think it’s better. I really hate how the comments come on the bottom. Can you change that?

  68. rosehips says:

    my eyes have a difficult time adjusting to the dark background and white letters. Maybe I should get my eyes examined.

  69. votingfemale says:

    I don’t know how to reverse the order of the comments… yet… I prefer newest on top also.

    I have been experimenting with themes… refresh and see what you think of this one…

  70. rosehips says:

    I like this better!

  71. votingfemale says:

    newest is now on top and I turned on pages of commentswith 30 comments per page but may need to reduce that to 10 or 20.

    thanks loads for you’re critical comments! very constructive and welcome and helpful!

  72. rosehips says:

    that will be better for sure! 30 may be too many. i will let you know what i think. 😉

  73. votingfemale says:

    yes, It can be tweaked in so many ways… I have barely scratched the surface… this is like iReport on steroids by comparison

  74. votingfemale says:

    that initial theme was hard to follow comments without distinct separation

  75. votingfemale says:

    I just changed it to 20…

  76. rosehips says:

    well, now we need to comment box up top too. I am wary of making too many comparisons with ireports at this stage. I realize you want this to be a better forum, with better features, but it may not be able to live up to your expectations if you praise it as so much more superior than ireports. I don’t think this site will ever match ireports. Perhaps the other news networks should start something similar. Fox would have a huge network of citizen journalists if they started one.

  77. votingfemale says:

    There are different slants… if people are interested in being vetted and getting their iReport posted “On CNN” that is a whole different venue. For me and political bloggers who are not interested in that, iReport offers nothing not offered here.

  78. votingfemale says:

    In fact, it appears to me, the political iReports never intended to be vetted is actually an unanticipated application of the iReport venue intended to encourage contributions to be shown on CNN and get it for free… who can blame CNN for that?

    But the two gangs, left and right, who fight it out on a daily basis? that is pure Blogger warfare in my view and was not the intended use of iReport.

  79. rosehips says:

    I understand that but cnn does a great job of drawing people to the site. They are continuously promoting ireports throughout the day. There is nothing to compare to that unless you had a tv news network that did the same. I think free speech tv might do well to start promoting citizen journalism. Other’s should consider it as well.

  80. rosehips says:

    I agree. CNN is trying to get local news from the source without having to send employees out into the field. It’s a new age of journalism and unfortuately it is not good for professional journalists. ireport are taking the place of regular exposes more and more. It’s exciting, but kind of sad.

  81. rosehips says:

    have you tried putting the comment box up top?

  82. votingfemale says:

    there is no tool avaliable to move the comment box… but it may be possible by modifying the css code for the theme page. I will inquire on the wordpress help forum… I want it on top also.

  83. votingfemale says:

    there is no easy way to move it that I can locate… perhaps by modifying the CSS Code that is the underlying theme page… that is complicated… I will ask about that.

  84. rosehips says:

    now comments are showing up on the bottom again.

  85. rosehips says:

    and not in correct order.

  86. rosehips says:

    and i just left a comment but don’t see it. I tried to send it again and I am told I already left that comment. hmmmmm

  87. rosehips says:

    now there are no comments at all.

  88. votingfemale says:

    so many features… wow

  89. votingfemale says:

    I can not move the box easily… will have to check with the help desk…

  90. rosehips says:

    ohiobelle just emailed me and said she is considering a post directing ireporters here. I hope she goes through with it.

  91. votingfemale says:

    well… we had a visit from the iReport ID Faking troll… I blocked and banned his ass… ROFL

    people will learn… this ain’t iReports.

  92. votingfemale says:

    That would be good… she did add the link to this specific report on her present VF iReport. obviously that got the attention of the troll I just banned.

  93. votingfemale says:

    And they now see.. I will not be silenced and they can not troll on my blog… if anything my voice is even more powerful here than before…

  94. ohiobelle says:

    votingfemale, do you want a tombstone or a found sign??

  95. ohiobelle says:

    I like this view so much better than before!

  96. votingfemale says:

    ahhhhh… like a breath of fresh air to be free of their nasty trolling BS 🙂

  97. ohiobelle says:

    This is so great! I no longer have to defend my self or my comments!! Can people still read them? Do you stop them before they comment?

  98. votingfemale says:

    belle, I am far from dead… lol

    so no tombstone for this kitty cat!!!

    you can use the graphic of this report if you want.. just right click on the graphic and use the save as… from the menu or pick something else!

  99. votingfemale says:

    I stop them dead in their tracks! poof!!! no trolls!!!

    this wordpress is awsome!!!!

  100. ohiobelle says:

    You mean copy the buildings above? I could write my cat was found at this location???

  101. votingfemale says:

    and yes! people can still read your comments… in living black and white!

    The way wordpress is set up I see comments before they post and can delete them before they show up here or ban the person.

  102. ohiobelle says:

    Oh my god! hahahaha you are going to be so busy! I will wait a bit longer since comments are being viewed. You know what I mean.

    I’ve got to run again. I’ll be back soon.

  103. votingfemale says:

    the graphic I was thinking is the one for this report… with the word iReport and the black cat

  104. votingfemale says:

    see ya later GF!!

  105. ohiobelle says:

    I copied it. Thank you

  106. tonsofwash says:

    hello voting female! can I enter your clubhouse? I promise to be nice. hahahahahahha

  107. votingfemale says:

    Hiya TW!!! of course you can play in my sandbox dear! I know you! 😉

  108. tonsofwash says:

    well, I guess I can’t tried to hide my identity if my avatar changes for xxxxxx as well. heehehehehee

  109. tonsofwash says:

    how did you know it was me?

  110. votingfemale says:

    I told you wordpress was powerful! I tried to not acknowledge your real ID dear… we can save it… let me edit your comment… there! done! you are TW! that all anyone needs to know.

  111. tonsofwash says:

    but don’t you see how my old comments all have my new avatar?

  112. votingfemale says:

    it is sooo nice to be free of the trolling spammers! I feel more relaxed already!

  113. tonsofwash says:

    I’m really not trying to hide my identity. I wanted to see how to format a blog and haven’t decided on a derivative of rosehips yet.

  114. votingfemale says:

    ohhh… I see what you mean. yeah…

  115. tonsofwash says:

    what happened to all the comments?

  116. votingfemale says:

    I have set comments to pages… funny though… when a new page is created it doesn’t work like at iReport… it starts with a new blank page showing the newest one

  117. tonsofwash says:

    belle said she created two new posts about you. I am going to go check them out.

  118. votingfemale says:

    The comment paging is relatively new feature… I think this theme is not designed to show page numbers… that is probably why comments seem to dissapear… I will have to find yet a new updated theme that supports comment pages… all the comments are still here though… but only the new page shows up… something I will fix later.
    for now I can leave it like it is…

  119. votingfemale says:

    ok me too… off to see them now…

  120. votingfemale says:

    they are not up yet…

  121. ohiobelle says:

    Get ready for some fan mail. I have got to run. I am so late for this party. I will check in later.

  122. votingfemale says:

    Ok belle! See ya later dear!!

  123. rhayes says:

    Oh my…We have moved up to the big league…good job.

  124. votingfemale says:

    Hi rhayes!!!! Soo good to see you dear!!!

    oh my goodness… wordpress is awesome!!!
    I love it already! It’s like iRpeort on steroids!

  125. LisaInTX says:

    Hey VF
    You having lotsa fun I see.:-}
    It is just not the same without you over there.:-{
    Well I gotta run feed the critters..bbl to check in.
    I like the lighter background and the CAT eyes at the top of the page. Kick BUTT!!

  126. arlenearmy says:

    Hey VF….. i’m so proud of you. I say, VF is tough.

    I like your blog. Yeah, CNN ireport is bias. They dont know how to walk & chew gum at the same time. I will follow you here, my dear.

    I ‘ll look around here to find out how put my photo or is there anyway I can do that here.

  127. votingfemale says:


  128. tonsofwash says:

    ohhhh, I like the cat’s eyes up top!

  129. tonsofwash says:

    I just left a comment and it hasn’t appeared. hmmmm very strange.

  130. votingfemale says:

    Hi dear… and welcome to wordpressing!

    After you join and are logged in, at the top of your screen, is a link for your dashboard… click that… on the left of the dash board is a menu of control pages were you set stuff up… take your time and explore it.

  131. votingfemale says:

    on your dashboard: go to settings>general and look on the right side and find “Blog Picture” that area lets you upload your avatar picture.

  132. arlenearmy says:

    thanks vf…. i’ll also let other “mind like” ireporters know you are here. I’m just tickled a shade browner 🙂

  133. votingfemale says:

    I love this site!!! OMG!!! and tickled pink to see you here!!!!

    You are going to love the comment moderation features here… I have already blocked/banned one iReport troll from commenting on my blog… the trolling comments never saw the light of day.

  134. KarmaHD says:

    OH here you all are

  135. KarmaHD says:

    Ok who is tonsofwash??

  136. votingfemale says:

    that is rosehips lol

  137. KarmaHD says:

    Funny gal she is

  138. KarmaHD says:

    Looks like she is rather enjoying sitting on the washer, must be in spin cycle???

  139. votingfemale says:

    what did you today, Karma?

  140. votingfemale says:

    hahahaaaa!! Who doesn’t? 😉

  141. KarmaHD says:

    Not a hell of a lot, did my taxes this morning, and some run around, and going to the comedy club in about a half hour

  142. KarmaHD says:

    I work from home and I have been cooped up in this house for the last 3 months and I need sun, I am a mushroom

  143. tonsofwash says:

    watch out, I can hear you talking about me karma!

  144. votingfemale says:

    poor guy… well it is officially spring now… time to dust off the mighty motor scooter!

  145. rosehips says:

    watch out I can hear you talking about me karma!

  146. votingfemale says:

    comedy… sounds like lots of laughs! do you perform?

  147. KarmaHD says:

    Well we ride year round down here. going out tomorrow for a run with a group. God you ought to see Ireport today, lots of Palin articles, what did she do to make the news??

  148. KarmaHD says:

    Only in the shower

  149. KarmaHD says:

    and on rare occurances in the bed room LOL

  150. votingfemale says:

    She turned Obama down on 55 million dollars of his Pigzilla porkathon borrowed money from our children.

  151. rosehips says:

    wah, why can’t i comment????

  152. KarmaHD says:

    It really is getting out of hand with Obama, I was looking into his career and he basically was in the house for one year before he announced he was running for president. This whole thing is a set up by the democratic party, he is the Manchurian Canadate!!!

  153. votingfemale says:

    shoot… I can’t stay… will be back in about an hour or less. dang later dear!

  154. KarmaHD says:

    do you really want them on your blog, I guess it would be fun with out the rules I could bust some ass

  155. KarmaHD says:

    OK I am going out anyway, talk to you later

  156. KarmaHD says:

    Hey VG Princess Tonsofwash cannot get into the blog, please ohh peacekeeper of all things Right, let her in!!!

  157. KarmaHD says:

    VG??? VF

  158. votingfemale says:

    There are rules… MY RULES! purrrr…

  159. votingfemale says:

    There is a moderator here… ME

    And if people want to be civil and present opposing views fine… they get nasty and they and their comments will get the ole boot!

    This ain’t iReport. I run thangs here on my blog. lol

  160. arlenearmy says:

    OK… I’m back VF.. i was on bgb ireport last night & ireporter named A1001 was trying to harass me. Bgb had to put that person in his place. The strangest thing happened…. when I clicked on the report violation link next to a1001’s harassing comment, the comment disappeared immediately.

    On last night I sent email to foxnews about what CNN ireport did & to let them know that conservatives are been harassed by that network. I asked Foxnews to upgrade the Fox ureport site. It’s not interactive enough. I haven’t got a reply yet.

  161. arlenearmy says:

    And the pissy part about the ordeal is that CNN ireport would let someone show & cock a rifle on a video; but found it appropriate to flag Lisa’s ireport for showing photo of Hitler. The most free-willing blog on the net is Youtube & even Youtube wont let users grand stand with a rifle. That was enough for the FBI to kick the doors down, these days. I think we all know who I am talking about.

  162. KarmaHD says:

    Yoooo hooooo

  163. KarmaHD says:

    NOOOOO body knowwwwws the trouble Ive seeeennnnnnnn noooooooo body know but meeeeeeeee

  164. nevenera says:

    Hey VF, see you are enjoying yourself quite a bit here.

    I may try wordpress out sometime I like the look of your blog.

    Anyhow all you conservatives don’t all leave in mass, discussion is boring when all have the same point of view.

    Take care VF, will check in on you now and then.

  165. rhayes says:

    VF I believe that those who voted for obama are turning on the ones that still stand up for him…I know you left ireports but any good bloggist would know to go back and see what’s going on…they are at each others throats….the funny thing is…those of us that told them about obama…got out of ireports…it’s not the same…..I’m not blogging about politics yet…but I’m afraid to…these ppl are crazy…A lot of angry ppl out there…somebody’s going to get hurt i’m afraid….

  166. tonsofwash says:

    Can I get in yet?

  167. tonsofwash says:

    hey i’m in!

  168. votingfemale says:

    sorry dear… I just got on line a few minutes ago… for some reason your posts were viewed as spam… not sure why/how that happened but I unblocked them. I signed of about 7/8 last night so I missed all the blockage data. I got a pm from Arelene about it and went right to my controls to see what was going on. sorry dear! I would never intentionally lock you out! promise!

  169. votingfemale says:

    you must trust in our friendship if it ever happens again and not worry.

  170. tonsofwash says:

    alright, i really knew that you weren’t intentionally blocking me. sometimes my imagination goes a bit wild. sorry…

  171. votingfemale says:

    yeah, I can understand that feeling… trust is the counter to that. I am a very loyal friend… almost to a fault.

  172. votingfemale says:

    did you get a wordpress account?

  173. tonsofwash says:

    yes i have an account. i set up a blog, but i haven’t done anything with it yet.

  174. votingfemale says:

    Fox news is not yet as technology/internet savvy as CNN. They, like the US playing catch up with the USSR during the space race can catch up and exceed but the problem is… Murdock is not a conservative and his wife is a liberal… the change in tone of O’Rielly during the campaign was obvious. But with the Obama screw ups they are switching back to a more conservative message again.

  175. votingfemale says:

    CNN moderation has gone off the Left deep end of the pool… I watched many of my iReports that made newsiest list get yanked off the list. That is censorship.

  176. tonsofwash says:

    vf, i am getting notices of comments from you, but I don’t see them here. what’s up?

  177. tonsofwash says:


  178. votingfemale says:

    bgb is a sweetie pie and a sensible person and has been somewhat isolated from the rest of the conservative iReport group… that needs to change and networking of iReport conservatives needs to strengthen… but I view iReports as a lost cause… not worth the trouble with all the socialist trolls who get wink and not approval from CNN to do their stuff.

  179. votingfemale says:

    you are back in dear!

  180. votingfemale says:

    oh the comments are on the other report here I was responding to arlene’s comment on the Barack report.

  181. tonsofwash says:

    no I still don’t see them. your last several comments are not showing to me. you mentioned something about fox, bgb, etc.

  182. votingfemale says:

    I responded via the reply feature to Arlene’s specific comments so those don’t show up at the top, rather lower down the log attached to arlene’s comments.

  183. tonsofwash says:

    ok, how do I view the previous pages? I can’t see those comments.

  184. votingfemale says:

    there is a bug… I have to contact thr help desk.. there should be page numbers showing up and there arn’t drats!

  185. votingfemale says:

    I will change the number of comments per page for a while…

  186. tonsofwash says:

    I posted last night about something I am quite unfamiliar with, the freemasons. I discovered a house resolution that will honor the freemasons and I questioned the time the Republican reps were taking to acknowledge them, with our tax dollars. I was/am trying to learn why this group is deserving. I learned quite a bit! It is now one of the newiest and has one of the top comment numbers. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-233470#postComment

  187. votingfemale says:

    back again… was interrupted in RL
    let me go have a look at that irpeort… brb

  188. votingfemale says:

    interesting article… the freemasons do exclude full membership of women… they do have a women’s aux. yeah it is sexual discrimination but like the Boy Scouts of America with their gay disqualification, they are deemed a private non-government funded organization. Farakan also excluded women from his fraternal organization. I don’t get too heated up over the masons though… let the cigar smoking boys have the men’s only club. BTW, the masons date back to the times of Salomon in the old testament if memory serves. Look into the Catholic society of the Opus Dai… it is like a counter to the masons…

  189. tonsofwash says:

    yeah, in the thread I conceded to the excluding women issue, but I will not give them a pass on excluding the disabled or former slaves. I don’t care about preserving their doctrines.

  190. votingfemale says:

    I am about ready to write my next report…

    Obama: Political Slight of Hand
    or some such title

  191. tonsofwash says:

    and they are free to do what they want, I just feel uncomfortable about officially honoring their work if they remain so secretive. How do I know that they do not intend to undermine the government if they feel it is in their interests?

  192. tonsofwash says:

    looking forward to it!

  193. votingfemale says:

    that clause is archaic dating back to well well before the American Independence… and it needs to go. for sure.

  194. votingfemale says:

    The Quran also to this day allows wife beating and having up to 4 wives and owning of slaves.

  195. tonsofwash says:

    pretty ridiculous

  196. votingfemale says:

    And I don’t know any Islamic society that allows slave owning by law but many fundie Islamac government regions support up to four wives and wife beating and total or near total subjugation of women.

  197. tonsofwash says:

    and what I am really getting ready to “plow” into is the house bill 875 that could jepardize organic farming. there could be new restrictions that will essentially put organic farms out of business. The bill is purportedly written by monsanto and is being railroaded through congress. I am trying to get details so I don’t misinform….

  198. tonsofwash says:

    and if a woman is to defend herself? what would be the consequence?

  199. votingfemale says:

    go get em girl!

  200. tonsofwash says:

    all done in the name of food safety. what about genetic diversity? they are trying to monopolize our food industry. It stinks.

  201. votingfemale says:

    I am going to run for a while… and do up a new report… see ya in awhile?

  202. tonsofwash says:

    later girlfriend!

  203. KarmaHD says:

    morning anyone here

  204. tonsofwash says:

    hey karma. good morning. vf is working on a new report. my freemason report is still going strong. headed for top newsiest!

  205. tonsofwash says:

    interesting article on the Hillary movie and the freedom of speech issue. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090321/ap_on_go_su_co/scotus_clinton_movie

  206. KarmaHD says:

    Oh OK Rose, I see that the Freemason post is chewing up the rankings, good article and once again you came up with a hit!!

  207. tonsofwash says:

    check out lisa’s latest post, a tribute to votingfemale! http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-233623

  208. KarmaHD says:

    Yes what was she talking about, “this is not all I wrote”?? I saw you posted the link, I wonder how many will come over??

  209. ohiobelle says:

    Good afternoon! Have you had more visitors?

  210. lynn144 says:

    VotingFemale, glad to see your still around!

  211. votingfemale says:

    Hi lynn 🙂 Thank you dear!! Wish I knew your iReport user name 😦

  212. java66 says:

    I saw on Lisa’s ireport that you were over here.
    So I thought I would check this out, very nice!

  213. tonsofwash says:

    vf, I thought you were leaving. this thread is getting too long to scroll.

  214. votingfemale says:

    oh my goodness… lynn144 is your iReport username… opps! nice to see you dear!

  215. votingfemale says:

    just finished getting dressed to go out and stopped to do a quick check… i will be on later dear!

  216. arlenearmy says:

    Hey, VF
    I woke up late. Usually I get up early .. get my coffee & read your blogs. I did not get an alert of your latest post. You know I need my VF fix in the morning.

  217. arlenearmy says:

    I was talking w/bgb last night. She said that she had a hard time logging on to your blog. But will get to it later when she finish taking care of some personal stuff.

  218. KarmaHD says:

    How come I miss everyone all the time??????

  219. votingfemale says:

    Hi dear, yes the tide is turning and it is why I brought with me the iReport which I posted here discussing Obama voter’s Open-Eyed Regret. I predict it is going to get a lot naster at iReport as Obama sinks in the polls and more people speak their minds. The reactions to the tea parties is a signal of outright hatred of anyone who openly opposes the socialist Obama.

    Come on over to wordpress and you will find a whole new and rich world where the trolls are zeroed out and you can speak your mind and join with me and others as a group here.

    The features of WordPress is to iReport as the space shuttle is to a biplane.

    rhayes // March 22, 2009 at 5:10 am

    VF I believe that those who voted for obama are turning on the ones that still stand up for him…I know you left ireports but any good bloggist would know to go back and see what’s going on…they are at each others throats….the funny thing is…those of us that told them about obama…got out of ireports…it’s not the same…..I’m not blogging about politics yet…but I’m afraid to…these ppl are crazy…A lot of angry ppl out there…somebody’s going to get hurt i’m afraid….

  220. votingfemale says:

    Hey Karma! Sorry I missed you dear!

  221. votingfemale says:

    Hi Java! I don’t remember if we have spoken before but welcome to the blog. Very nice to have you. BTW, I read you comments on Lisa’s VF iReport. Grab yourself a wordpress account so you can have an avatar!

    java66 // March 22, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    I saw on Lisa’s ireport that you were over here.
    So I thought I would check this out, very nice!

  222. votingfemale says:

    Hi Lynn! Nice to see you! Join in the discussions and grab yourself a WordPress account dear so you can have an avatar! You are among a very nice group of people here.
    No trolls.

    lynn144 // March 22, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    VotingFemale, glad to see your still around!

  223. Mike says:

    VF!!!! Welcome back!

  224. karmahd says:

    Ok lets see if this works

  225. arlenearmy says:

    i keyed in

    and i see your picture in the too bar near the url address. but i dont see your icon. dont you have a red shirt & maybe shades.. possibly a beard?

  226. votingfemale says:

    You have to upload your avatar in the “Gravatar” feature, methinks.

  227. votingfemale says:

    Hi Mike!!! Great to see you!!!
    Grab yourself a wordpress account and upload your avatar in the “Gravatar” area so iy will follow you here. Look forward to talking with you dear!

    Mike // March 23, 2009 at 3:30 am

    VF!!!! Welcome back!

  228. votingfemale says:

    Folks, there are two places to upload your avatar.
    One is in the profile as your avatar. The other is called a “Gravatar” which is a cool feature which allows you avartar to go with you where ever you go which allows you to register you wordpress site there. I did that over at Glen Beck’s The 912 Project and YouTube and it automatically picked up my “Gravatar.” iReport has nothing like that at all.

  229. tonsofwash says:

    I see it records the total hits for all the blogs on the right. I wish it told the hits for individual posts.

  230. votingfemale says:

    I can see those per report stats from my dash board…

  231. joel707 says:

    Hi VF, you probably don’t know me (Joel77 on ireports) I was mostly around before the election, I spent most of my time making Keepitreals and Magiedo miserable. I haven’t commented much over there since the election.
    Just thought I would come over and check this out. Pretty cool so far.

  232. votingfemale says:

    Hi Joel, your iReport rings a bell. How are you? And welcome to the blog… construction is nearing completion; a few more things to do but the bulk of the work is completed. Active conversations tend to be on which ever post is at the top of the “Recent” list on the right. If you click it you can join the more active convos. The campaign was wild and wooly, eh? Don’t be a stranger! Love seeing you.

  233. tonsofwash says:

    hey votingfemale, I changed my avatar. Can you see it?

  234. tonsofwash says:

    shucks, it didn’t change.

  235. VotingFemale says:

    i still see the new rosehips pic

  236. rosehips says:

    so you see rosehips?

  237. mab91c says:

    VF…add me to the Alumni section!! What do I have to do to make you love me again? LOL


  238. Idycoltsfan says:

    Hi VF, We all miss you on ireport. You should reinvent yourself and come back with a different avatar and email address like everyone else seems to do. LOL! I was really pissed when I heard you were banned. I’m glad you found a new forum so you can continue your excellant posts.

  239. Idycoltsfan says:

    add me to the alumni section as well.

  240. VotingFemale says:

    Hiya mab91c !!!!! Of course I still luv ya dear!
    Would be my honor to add you to the iReport Alumni Community list! You need a wordpress account in order to do that. Look for the “Get a WordPress Account Here” hyper link on the upper right of this page and get one.

    Then I can add ya dear!

    Also, the active conversations here can usually be found on the newest report… the one showing at the top of my top level blog page as seen here:


    Just click on the title of the top report and it will take you to the most recent conversations.

  241. VotingFemale says:

    let me know as soon as you have your wordpress account so I can add the link for you!

  242. VotingFemale says:

    Indy!!!!!!! How wonderful to see you dear!!!!
    It will be a pleasure to add your wordpress hyperlink to the iReport Alumni Community List!!! Click the link: “Get a WordPress Account here” or go here: http://wordpress.com/

    As soon as you have your new wordpress blog site you can be added!!!!

    Who needs CNN Big Brother’s Political Bias of banning people they want to suppress??
    Screw That, I say!!

    Theirs is _not_ the only game in town by a loooong shot and comparing it’s account features to a wordpress account, is like comparing a biplane to the space shuttle.

    WordPress ROCKS!!!

    Idycoltsfan wrote:
    Hi VF, We all miss you on ireport. You should reinvent yourself and come back with a different avatar and email address like everyone else seems to do. LOL! I was really pissed when I heard you were banned. I’m glad you found a new forum so you can continue your excellent posts.

  243. mimimimi2009 says:

    hi VF, guess what, i’ve been banned by cnn ireport without any explanation. It seems I really upset the masons. oops , it bothered them the truth.

  244. VotingFemale says:

    mimi, I am very sorry to hear you got hit with the Political Censorship Hammer dear. iReport is going to the dogs… Join WordPress and creat a wordpress blog account and start blogging and commenting with us.

    Look in the upper right hand section of this page and see the list of registered iReport Alumni Community members. More are coming but not yet on the list.

    Find the link (upper right area here) for “Create a WordPress account here” or click this link and get started:


    When you have an account let me know the link to it so i can add you to the group. All is far from lost… I promise you that. You will not be silenced! You have friends here.

    The active discussions occur on the top Report of my home WordPress page:


    Click on the title of the top most Blog entry and it will take you there.

    mimimimi2009 wrote:

    hi VF, guess what, i’ve been banned by cnn ireport without any explanation. It seems I really upset the masons. oops , it bothered them the truth.

  245. Voice27 says:

    We miss you on CNN… I am getting beat up left and right with no support. Come back! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… and a million more.

  246. Voice27 says:

    Hey VF, left a comment before but I don’t think it worked. Glad to see your still at it.. I went on vacation, came back and your gone from I-report, and I started getting bashed by the intoxicated kool-aid drinkers. Still at it though, hoping one day they will wake up and say thank you… you should come back under new identity, I could use the help. Take care and I will try and check in as much as possible.

  247. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Voice27!!!

    I regret that you are being beaten up over there… but that is the way CNN wants it… it is their sandbox.

    Come join our iReport community at wordpress!

    We have 11 registered members and growing and more to follow!

    Check my home page here and click on the title of the top Blog post to access the current active conversations and meet up with other iReporters here!

    If you want your avatar to show look for the tab at the top to explain how to set that up.

    I look forward to chatting with you dear!!!

  248. VotingFemale says:

    You are now enabled to post here… your comments were waiting in moderation but are now approved.

    There is no way I could ever post at iReport and be the me of me and go undetected, regardless of the user name I selected. The trolls on the left have studied me and my writing as if it were their collage senior theses.

    I defeated them utterly and the trolls hate me for that. 🙂

    boo! hahahahahaha

    They can not silence me… my blog here is proof of that!

    Obama is failing and I am glad that socialist will go down in failure like the secret communist I believe him to be.

  249. nevenera1 says:

    Hello VF, see you are still doing fine in here.

    I am now among the ranks of the banned on ireport, without you it was just not the same lol!

    take care VF

  250. VotingFemale says:

    I have MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG so great to have you on board!!!

    I will add you to the group list right away!!!

    come join the current conversations at:


  251. VotingFemale says:

    I will cross post your comment over to there! so everyone will know you have found your way here… we were all worried over you and the ban and whether you would/could find you way here.

  252. VotingFemale says:

    Hiya Voice!!!! Weclome to the iReporter/Alumni WordPress Communitu! You have been added to the list.

    Come on over to:


    and join in the conversations! The live convos move to the newest blog post on the list and that one is at the top of my home page as being the newest post…

    my home page…

    Voice27 // March 27, 2009 at 2:34 am

    Hey VF, left a comment before but I don’t think it worked. Glad to see your still at it.. I went on vacation, came back and your gone from I-report, and I started getting bashed by the intoxicated kool-aid drinkers. Still at it though, hoping one day they will wake up and say thank you… you should come back under new identity, I could use the help. Take care and I will try and check in as much as possible.

  253. nevenera1 says:

    Hey VF, thanks.

    I think it will be more fun here, the company is much more interesting lol!

    I found this place thanks to you 😉

  254. VotingFemale says:

    Hi nevenera1,

    My pleasure dear. Enjoy! This is real blogging… not the pseudo blogging under the thumb of a big brother corp like CNN.

    As you will discover on your own… a WB Blog affords great control over comments and who can and can not comment. That in itself, defeats the trolling thus the buildup of animosity between people.

    I have thus relaxed a great deal since moving to WB in that I no longer have to defend myself verbally from trolls and instead am my own moderation gatekeeper. Makes life a lot nicer and I can stop fighting back verbally.

    I welcome differing points of view and encourage those who disagree with me to come and debate me… though I doubt few if any from iReport will take me up on that offer. I guess backed up facts are just too resistive to defeat.

  255. VotingFemale says:

    to “mesohappy,”

    I do not know you.

    If you want to comment here provide a link to your website and explain who you are and why you want to comment on my blog.

    Have a great day,

  256. CAPPipe says:

    Just got kicked off iReports. Probably coincidence but had just oposted something about how healthcare reform is going to allow the government to keep databases of peoples DNA and other medical facts.

    If you have to register for healthcare and can’t annonymously go to the hospital, you cannot fall off the grid either.

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